How to Care for a German Shepherd


Have you recently got a German Shepherd? Are you not sure how to care for them? Well, you have come to the right place!

German Shepherds are one of the best dog breeds as pets due to their highly intelligent and skilled nature. Also, if you’re looking for a family protection dog for sale, German Shepherds are also vigilant and loyal guard dogs if trained right. If that is not all, these dogs are extremely affectionate and loyal too. However, they may require proper care if you want them to stay happy and healthy always.

So, read on our guide below to know how to care for a German Shepherd!

Training and Exercising

German Shepherds are intelligent and so, it won’t take you a lot of time to train your dog. However, still, you need to take their training and exercising sessions seriously.

For instance, when it comes to training, make sure that you teach your German Shepherd basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stand’, and ‘stay’. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you teach them the ‘stop’ command whenever they are behaving out of place. This will make sure that they don’t behave in an ill manner in front of guests or other people.

As for exercising, your German Shepherd may require about 45 minutes of proper exercise every day. You can increase the duration depending on your dog. Just ensure that you don’t make it over-exercise as it can lead to degeneration of joints and related orthopedic problems.


For any dog owner, grooming is also an important part of the dog’s schedule and mustn’t be taken lightly. It is the same in the case of a German Shepherd too.

In the case of a German Shepherd, you need to bathe them at least once a month. You can do this either at home or take them to a pet salon. But, ensure you do it to prevent the problem of ticks, fleas, and other parasites/germs. You also need to ensure that your dog is dewormed properly.

When it comes to brushing, you need to make sure that you at least brush your German Shepherd’s coat three to four times a week. This will help you spot any infections and find a proper treatment for them.

Lastly, cutting or trimming your German Shepherd’s nails every six to ten weeks will keep infections out of your dog’s body too!


As German Shepherds are active dogs, they require proper nutrition to grow. Hence, you need to provide your dog with at least two nutritious meals a day.

You need to give your German Shepherd at least 1740 to 2100 calories per day if it is active. For inactive or older dogs, around 1272 to 1540 calories per day are enough. Reducing the calories depending on the activity of your dog is important to reduce the chances of obesity.

Keep in mind that if you give your German Shepherd a lot of food even if it is inactive, it might get obese and develop many other obesity-related problems.


German Shepherds are one of the healthiest breeds out there. Yet, they are susceptible to certain illnesses too.

So, to prevent those illnesses from affecting your dog, you need to get them vaccinated as per their schedule. Vaccinations, especially for Rabies, are a must. There are other vaccines available too for dogs that your furry friend requires.

Other than that, German Shepherds are also susceptible to illnesses like heart problems, Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, Diabetes, and allergies too. Hence, to prevent your dog from getting these chronic problems, provide them with proper nutrition and make them exercise regularly.

Final Words From Us

Usually, German Shepherds are low-maintenance due to their intelligent nature. Because of this, you need not worry about anything. Just provide them with healthy food, make them exercise, and take them for vet visits at least once or twice a year.

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