4 Practical Steps On How To Become A Skit Maker In Nigeria

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In the Nigerian entertainment industry, making comedy skits is now a lucrative business. In the course of this article, we will be looking at a practical guide on how to become a skit maker in Nigeria. Without further ado, let us delve in.

how to become a skit maker in Nigeria

1. Learn Comedy Acting And Scripting 

The first step in becoming a successful skit maker in Nigeria is to learn acting and how to script your content. As a beginner in the skit-making industry, you might be challenged to raise the standards of your content in order to get a breakthrough. No matter how desperate you are for success, follow these steps in order to stay in line with the industry practice of skit-making:

  • Don’t force jokes.
  • Try not to overuse your punch lines. 
  • Try your best to make your skit relatable to reach life events in Nigeria.

2. Get A Stage Name And Create Social Media Accounts

The name you are called by is as important as the efforts you are putting in to make your skit-making hustle a success. In this regard, get yourself a short stage name. The reason why you should opt for a short stage name is so that people will find it easy to remember you. Also, create respective social media accounts for the stage name you chose. This are very important for your journey on how to become a skit maker in Nigeria.

3. Get Some Camera Equipment 

The next step involves getting the right camera equipment. Can opt for a smartphone that has good camera features, or go for conventional cameras. If you want to cut budgets and still end up with a good camera, it is best you go for the Samsung A12 smarphone. Samsung A12 price in Nigeria is budget-friendly and can give start-up skit makers the push they want with quality cameras. 

Other interesting filming equipment that you should put in place includes; Gimbal, lighting equipment, microphones, and a laptop.

4. Start Doing Your Comedy Skit And Upload Them 

Now that you have made progress in your journey to become a skit maker in Nigeria, it is time to get the business moving. With your stage name, equipment, and right motives, you can create your skit content, and start uploading them on social media. With the aid of this short guide, you should have come to terms with a practical guide on how to become a skit maker in Nigeria.

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