How to Ace the Current Affairs in UPSC Exam


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is a competitive examination that requires an aspirant to put in a lot of hard work to crack. It is equally crucial for the candidates to have a sound strategy and perfect preparation plan to ace the current affairs section in the UPSC Exam

The UPSC examination frequently asks detailed questions about national, regional, and international incidents and events. BYJU’S Exam Prep offers a perfect plan with up-to-date study materials which will help you grasp the concepts in a fun & intriguing way. Refer to our platform to prepare for the three stages of the examination, viz. preliminary, main examination, and interview.

Current Affairs Preparation for UPSC 

A crucial aspect of preparing for current affairs 2022 is to be aware of the latest/current events and make notes along with important pointers. 

Aspirants must read newspapers regularly and go through the current affairs section. A UPSC exam candidate must concentrate on issues rather than news. The sole reason is that they must know why it is in the news, and after finding the data, facts, and authentic reports related to that issue, consider the pros and cons of that issue. It will help you create better insights and form your opinion on what must be done about it. 

Tips To Ace UPSC Preparation

 As the UPSC exam is the most dynamic of all the other examinations held in the country, the current affairs 2022 section holds utmost importance. A UPSC aspirant must follow a robust preparation strategy so that they know about the current events comprehensively. To make you ready for the same, here are some pro tips:

  • Gain an understanding, transparency, and range of the curriculum

Understanding the syllabus’s nature, objective, and context is critical for effective preparation. It will help you segregate the mandatory and optional topics and also give you clarity about each topic. This might, in turn, help you to understand your interest levels better. The test questions are always from the curriculum; therefore, you should always keep an eye on the most recent material as it will ensure you are fully prepared for the UPSC exam. 

  • Select your study materials-Selecting study materials is a difficult task that requires expert advice. Hence, look for diverse sources and select the best out of them. For example, the NCERT books are the best source of accurate knowledge in various areas (from class 6 to 12). Also, newspapers, journals, and magazines on current affairs and solved question papers are helpful for the current affairs 2022 preparation for UPSC. 
  • Do Not Attempt to Mug Up- When attempting for the UPSC exam, it is possible that you might come across some scenarios that compel you to mug up certain facts and information. However, you may not be able to adopt the same strategy to prepare for current affairs.
  • After identifying the previous years ‘ UPSC question papers, you should research the key current events, take notes, and study the relevant topics. It is also perceived that the UPSC aspirants might get confused because of the abundant information available on current affairs – so it is important to know what information you should focus on and what not to read.
  • Learn to make Notes Online- A UPSC candidate must create hand-written notes on current affairs 2022 if they want to clear the UPSC exam. After gaining knowledge from different sources such as Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, and All India Radio, do not forget to highlight the daily news compilations and organize them neatly into your Evernote. 
  • Central and State government programs and policies, recent legislation and acts approved in parliament, budget, economic assessment report, foreign relations, science and innovation, and so forth are some of the main areas from which questions are found in the current affairs section of the exam. 


The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams held in the country, but a well-strategized and planned preparation can surely help you crack the exam. Current affairs being one of the most dynamic papers, always ensure you have kept yourself abreast with all the latest information so that you can tackle the questions with correct and relevant informat6ion. 

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