How Technology Has Changed Our Lives


“It’s not that we use technology; we live technology.”

-Godfrey Reggio-

All of us had read in our history books, how humans had survived in the stone ages, and how they used flint stones to make tools and put on fire. 

Our granny told us of the early 80’s when they used to travel on carriages and carts instead of trains and cars. 

In our childhood, daddy told us that he used lanterns to study instead of electric bulbs and make assignments with library books instead of using the internet. 

All these historical things make us realize that the past in which our ancestors lived was challenging. But now everything has changed. 

Many social, cultural, and demographic factors changed the world’s dynamics, but the factor that changed the entire dilemma of living is the technological factor. 

But our mind may come up with the question: Is it that “much easier” to sail from the stone ages to this era where almost everything is operated through technology? 

How do we transit from the days of sending letters through a post that takes 2-3 days to reach its destination to sending messages on WhatsApp and messenger received within a twinkle of an eye?

All these things have become possible because of the technology revolution. There’s no doubt that technology has created amazing resources and tools that made our lives easier than we think. It enables us to manage all the things at our fingertips. 

“Wanna communicate good or bad news to your loved ones?”

You’ve smartphones and smartwatches that connect you instantly with your Kith and kin. 

“Wanna take your work, your office, and your business wherever you go?”

Laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and tablets allow you to take your work wherever you go. In fact, technology enables you to hire memoir writers, ghostwriters, and copywriters by analyzing their online performance without taking extensive interviews.

“Wanna know the meaning of a word?”

 Now you’re no longer needed to open up a big, bulky dictionary, google, Merriam Webster, and other aps are now available both offline and online to find the meaning of the word anytime, anywhere. 

These thousands of inventions have made our lives easier, faster, and more fun every day. 

But what is the technology itself? 

“Technology is an application or software that is created or engineered using applied math or science to solve society’s problems and issues.” 

Technology is not confined to the computer field only. Many agricultural and biological innovations have taken place through technology. It may include ancient technology used in calculators, batteries, boats, ships, and modern technology like robots, automated cars and trains, jets, and airplanes.

It’s the technology that enables you instant inter-city funds and money transfer, or remittance from abroad. Now you don’t need to go to banks for utility payments and wait for hours in a queue because technology allows you to get your bills paid and payments made on your mobile. 

Technology And Medical Science: 

Technology has created a boom in the field of medical science. Hundreds and thousands of innovations made lives easier for both doctors and patients. 

A few years back, you have to face the operation theatre even for liver stones, but now a new method, lithotripsy, has been used to remove stones with lasers

Technology And Agriculture: Once upon a time, people used animals and ancient tools for plowing and the crops produced were low in quality. 

Now farmers use tractors instead of animals and fertilizer for rich –in-quality crops. 

You may ask, “Infertility of soil is still a problem,” but scientists and botanists are trying to overcome this problem by using technological methods. 

Technology And Media: 

A major technological revolution has been taken in human lives with the advent of the internet. 

If you’re asked to choose either radio or the internet, what would you choose? 

I think none of us prefer a device that does not support visuals ads and information. In this era of high-tech technology, we believe what we see with our eyes. 

The word media does not mean a news platform now. A media house is now a means to circulate the news not locally but also globally, not only through television but through major social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. 

A number of internet-based jobs, such as online momoir writing, book ghostwriting, and blogging, are now becoming much easier than we expected.

Technology And Daily Lives:

Feel too lazy to go shopping or bring food and groceries for yourself? 

Technology now has your laziness solutions. You can order food and groceries online that promises to deliver you food within minutes. 

Clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, and every single thing of your need is now available on the internet. You can now even read consumers’ reviews and feedback about a product or service to access and determine its authenticity.

How Technology Has Changed The Use Of Television: 

It would be almost impossible for any of us to forget the times when we had to wait for a whole week to watch the latest episode of our favorite series or entertainment show. 

“Of course, how could we fail to recall that?”

But with hundreds of innovations, there’s also an innovation that is a fruit of our patience. We can stream videos and television shows anytime on the amazing gadgets in our hands. In fact, we’re now offered multiple streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon Price video, and many others, at very low prices and with thrilling and entertaining content.   

We would all agree that words aren’t enough to express and write the changes and easiness that technology brings to our lives—technology clean sweeps in all the areas and fields of science, mathematics, demographics, and computers. In a nutshell, technology has now become one of the most crucial needs of a human being. 

“We are changing the world with technology.”

-Bill Gates-

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