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How Relationship Building Could Rocket Your Book To Bestseller Status


It’s one thing writing a book, another getting people to read it. As aspiring authors around the world will attest, in the publishing world, success isn’t as simple as “if you build it, they will come.” Bestseller status is not only driven by a stellar idea and compelling writing, but one key ingredient that can make the difference between a flop and not. Tyler Wagner – the man who has rocketed over a thousand books to the top of various bestseller lists, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, says success is all about building relationships.

Wagner is the founder of AuthorsUnite.com, a specialist publishing company that helps people write, publish and market their books. His mission is simple: to help aspiring authors achieve success in the world of literature. He says, “We believe by helping authors succeed, we help the world succeed.”

Relationships Help You Write

“A lot of people want to make an impact through a book”, says Tyler, “but they don’t know how to write, publish or market it. We do this for them”. How? He attributes his success to a network of relationships built over a decade working in the literary field.

For aspiring authors with a unique, saleable idea but without the writing skills to commit it to paper, building the right relationship with a ghostwriter is vital to bring a book to life. A ghostwriter needs to understand the idea in minute detail, capture the author’s tone of voice, and write with an authority that only the author’s personal experience could deliver.

For Wagner, authors who invest time in relationship building from the start of their book journey are the ones most likely to succeed. The relationships he curates – with authors themselves and a network of book distributors – are the cornerstones of bestseller status.

Marketing Will Make Or Break Your Success

“We ensure a book gets enough eyeballs looking at it to give it the best chance of success,” says Tyler Wagner. “Our book marketing capabilities sets us apart”. Through coordinated and highly targeted email, social media, and Kindle advertisements, Wagner and his team can get their authors’ books in front of the people most likely to buy them.

Alongside a curated distribution network, Wagner’s relationship building includes key media for ongoing promotion. For authors, these relationships are indispensable. Writing a book takes hard work, but being able to market it effectively means knowing the right people and the right strategies.

For Tyler Wagner, the relationship-centric approach is clearly working. Through AuthorsUnite.com he has helped over one thousand people get their books featured in media such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, Forbes, INC., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, ABC News, and beyond.

Taking Relationships Beyond Your Book

For authors, relationship building goes beyond the book launch. Launching to bestseller status may seem like the end goal, but capitalizing on that success is vital for longevity in the literary world. Opening lines of communication with the right people drives keynote speaking roles – particularly for authors inspiring change within industries or lifestyles. It smooths the road for sequels or further book launches, and as such, can help monetize success.

Relationship building is the cornerstone of any bestselling book. For Tyler Wagner, a decade of relationship building is rocketing his authors to the top.

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