How much effects slums put on disorder spread


Slums are often stated to highly responsible for spreading ailments in society. Though, it is a matter of high conspiracy while existences of slums in the cities are regarded. The question might come that that are responsible for erecting these slums? Still, while the matter of health concern comes, the blamed and flamed fingers are pointed towards them only. 

Poverty brings the unhygienic environment  

Staying in the luxury accolades and thinking about the poverty of slums is just like a billionaire riding bicycle. That s why they can make statements where they put on blames for the hygiene of the people of slums. They have no idea even when one-time food of a day is not ensured, hygiene is a matter of luxury for that person or that community. 

However, men have many words to say there – they state they have no wish of improvement, or hygiene fast, etc. 

Particularly because the way people live in a poor community is attributed to the health deterioration in them. Though in comparison the immune system of a person living in such a condition is more than a person in urban centers, this cannot be the long-term solution. 

In particular, disorders that are getting formulated in such regions not only impact people of that region but spreads in other parts of the area as well. People who are living in urban centers generally live with needs and cleanliness. And these people are getting vulnerable to such conditions that are getting developed in the slum centers.

Particularly in today’s world, we can see that people living in slum conditions do not want to improve their conditions as well. Though there are authorities that have taken the right levels of measures that can ensure that they leave properly, yet they do not want to shift. In this way, they want to earn money instead of having a life with higher standards. All of this is contributing to poor health in them.

What to be done there? 

The simple word here – people in slums are steady enough to fight unhygienic conditions, but the issue is faced by the richer society. They are not facing issues – so they will not look at the matter for sure. They are not bothered with it, and if you can make yourself stand at their position once in life, you will surely understand, how much correct they are. Now, to remain correct at your position, as luxury has deteriorated your withstanding capacity to zero, you have to work on that hygiene part of them. As that will help you survive. 

What can men do in it

But how men are responsible for this degradation in the overall functioning of the body? The biggest problem behind all the genesis of men’s problem is ignorance and ego. If only these two issues are solved automatically 90% of men’s problems will get vanished. 

Even if you accomplish your dream of making six-pack abs, it takes more strength and labor in maintaining that physique. Or else if you leave the gym after making six-pack abs within few weeks only you would become fatter than before. For fighting general disorders, men can go through meds like Fildena 100, Cenforce or Vidalista 20mg from Arrowmeds too.

You have to understand the right balance of using everything. Overusing anything can have a lasting impression on your system and that needs to be taken care of with ultimate precision. As a respected individual, it is your prime responsibility as well to guide you and your family members do not encourage search forms of practices. Also as a community, you need to be strong. Electronic communication gadgets are surrounded everywhere of every individual today. And that is where it becomes critical for a particular person to figure out the measures that need to be taken care of.

How is the present condition responsible for all these?

Doctors state that more men prefer non-vegetarian food and foods which activate violence in the mind than women. Foods that contain high amounts of garlic, ginger, and onions activate the hypothalamus in the brain at rocketing speed, in just 3 seconds. 

In the lockdown the men of the family relaxed a lot, the children enjoyed it a lot, but the women were not enjoying it. They were fulfilling our desires and still working 24*7 with no rest and remaining calm with no frustration.

Another example is in our homes, the man does a 9 to 5 job then comes home and eats and then sleeps. Whereas a women’s job is of full 24*7 and that too with no weekend holidays. In fact, on Sundays, she has to do extra work due to the demand for individual dishes of each member of the family.

And once the hypothalamus is activated all other functions of the brain are halted for that moment and the focus shifts on only one thing or person. Usually, the hypothalamus gets triggered by getting attracted to the opposite sex.

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