How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries

How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries?


Concept of Basic Industries:

Basic industries involve in extraction, raw materials distribution, processing, search or development for providing material to manufacturing firms / industries. Basic industries help in developing powerful economy because the production cycle begins from them. People of all fields get jobs directly or indirectly by basic industries that act as backbone of economy.

In 2022, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) states that number of jobs the available jobs in basic industries is 24,504,000. For next 8 years this figure has an increment up to 2.7%.

Basic industries produce large number of jobs because of its wide field that contains single person’s industries but have something common which is the raw material that they develop and help other manufactures to make complete and finished product.

As we have actual figures for available jobs in basic industries. So, let’s move to those fields that offer jobs for description. But keep in mind basic industries consists of many businesses.

Types of Basic Industries and Available Jobs:

Most basic industries are given below:

Industry of Agriculture:

The basic source to get raw materials is agricultural industry that is working in all over the world. Farmlands develop and gather meat, dairy products, agricultural crops and other raw materials. Then, these products deliver to other non-agricultural for generating economy. Additionally, commercial agriculture is used for exporting products instead of consumption.

Available Jobs for Agricultural Industry:

  • oil Scientists
  • Horticulturalists
  • Animal Scientist
  • Farmer
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Economist
  • Agronomist

Industry of Forestry:

Industry of forestry plays a significance role in country’s economy. Forest contains an integral value which helps them in controlling the climate and ecosystem cycle. While their part is an important basic industry equals to the raw materials medical plants, fuelwood, timber etc. acquired from forests. Those fields in industry that offer jobs are in forests planting and management sector, harvest and distribution of raw materials. 

Available Jobs for Forestry Industry:

  • Silvicultarists / Forest Manager
  • Project manager
  • Loggers
  • ESO (environmental safety officer)
  • Equipment Operators
  • Truck Drivers

Industry of OIL and GAS:

The industry of oil and gas doesn’t need any introduction as it sets the base for industrialization that began in the 19th century and became the cause of the developed economy in which we live. All the manufacturing industries need natural gas, petroleum products, etc. which are the raw materials of Oil and Gas Industry.  Industry of oil and gas works on three major functions that are Up-stream, Mid-stream, and Down-stream and jobs are available in many companies that works on every stage. Companies for up-stream stage works for production, extract and locate oil or gas. Industries for mid-stream stage works for store and transport. Companies for down-stream stage works for the refinement of gas and oil for converting to operational raw materials for instance: diesel, gasoline, and petrol etc.

Available Jobs for Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Pipeline Technicians
  • Miners
  • Geologist
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Mechanic
  • Rip Operator

Industry of Paper and Pulp:

Industry of paper and pulp uses forestry products that obtained raw materials from forestry industry, the products that industry develops are paperboards, pulp and paper etc. that uses for many purposes for instance: cleaning, publication, tissues, packaging etc.

Available Jobs for Paper and Pulp Industry:

  • Administration, management, and accounts
  • Machine operators
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Mechanical and Chemical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Chemists

Industry of Steel:

A basic industry i.e; steel industry that act as a backbone for every country’s economy and framework. Steel industry uses human resources (manpower) and experts for performing various important tasks like alloy of steel & carbon, production of steel in mills & factories.

Available Jobs for Steel Industry:

  • Metal fabricators & engineers
  • Steel workers
  • Operators for machine & vehicles
  • Computer engineer & specialist
  • Production supervisors and line workers
  • Environmental engineers

Industry of Chemical:

The main purpose of chemical industry is to convert raw materials in chemicals & gases that uses by other manufacturing industries a finished end product. Mostly chemicals used in formation of pesticides, dyes, & paints while, consumer chemicals include, detergents, bleaching powder, and soaps.

Available Jobs for Chemical Industry:

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Environmental engineer
  • Researcher
  • Chemical engineer
  • Chemical plant operator
  • Hazardous waste material handler
  • Laboratory technician

Basic Industries: High Salary Jobs:

Some basic industries that offers high salary packages are as follows:

1. Material Scientists:

Material Scientists are specialized for understanding chemical & physical properties of natural also artificial materials. They can analyze, study and discover new materials for using as raw materials and work in laboratories. Mostly salary package is almost $83,000 per year.  

2. Geo-Scientist:

Geo-Scientists are extremely qualified people that works for examine the location for innovation, assessment, & evaluation. They are in demand because every industry has to discover elements for raw materials and gain a good salary package of about $92,000 per year.

3. Food Technologist:

Their role is to convert the agricultural materials into nutritional diet and good meal by researching, development & testing done in laboratories. They gain salary package of about $62,000 per year.

4. Civil Engineers:

Every industry needs civil engineers for constructing infrastructure at all stages. Their salary package is about $78,000 per year.

Basic Industries: Entry level Jobs:

To get job in basic industry is too easy. There is no need of any experience and academic study. A few entry level jobs that want to learn work and skill and get a job at good salary package.


Their role is to cut trees, chalking them, slide them without rotation, load them and transfer to industries. A person with better physique is good to do tasks easily but machines adjust many things and make work more easy. The salary package is round about $68,000 per year.


They are responsible for digging and cutting caves inside and outside the mines. It is a risky but interesting and challenging job but the one who have the will to do mining is quite easy for those persons. The salary package is almost $44,000 per year.

Metal Fabricator:

Persons who can cut metals into the necessary shapes are considered as metal fabricators. You can be a best one if you have strong body (hands), better eyesight, and have the training and good experience of metals and equipment. The salary package is almost $32,000 per year.

Farm Workers:

It is easy to get job as farm worker in basic industry at agriculture level. As, many big farms are far from city and other settlements so they are need for workers constantly. The salary package is good enough i.e; $25,000 per year.

Final Verdict:

A country or region that offers three forth of the employment then unemployment ends there. Every category of basic industries requires every type of human resources (manpower) to work in good manner. So, your question is going to change like you search for best jobs in basic industries instead of how many jobs are available in basic industries. You can easily choose the job that is best for you work in that field.

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