How Can You Maintain Healthy Teeth


Would you like to have strong and healthy teeth to show off? If your answer is yes, you will have to do a little on your part. But don’t worry, you are not alone, we will give you a hand. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your oral health in check:

Babies and children: their smile, your happiness

Getting used to our children attending Sanium clinics from a young age has its benefits in the future. On the one hand, they will learn habits to have healthy teeth, we will control that everything is going well and, on the other, they will lose, if they ever had, their fear of the dentist . Remember that the 1st consultation, advice and diagnosis is free.

Prevention, prevention and prevention

We will not tire of repeating it. A timely review detects dental anomalies that have an easier solution in the beginning. If we ignore the problem and it gets worse, treatment can be more complicated and costly for the patient.

Periodic reviews

Depending on some factors such as age or background, one frequency or another will be set. Regular check-ups begin from the first year of life and are generally repeated every 6 months in adulthood. Ask us if you have doubts.Sedation dentist can help you repair your teeth in case anything goes wrong them while giving you a perfect sleep.

Hygiene and cleanliness habits

Learning to brush your teeth correctly is essential, so don’t forget to do it after every meal and for at least 2 minutes. Complementing it with a pearl dental cleaning in our clinics may also be necessary. Also, under medical prescription, it’s free!

What do you use your teeth for?

The teeth help us to chew food, speak and shape our appearance. So no breaking ice, opening cans or bottles, breaking nuts … Take care of them and give them the use they deserve.


Diet is the key to healthy teeth. Foods with a high sugar content such as candies, sweets or pastries are better avoided, while fruits and vegetables should be present as they favor the cleaning of the teeth in a natural way. Also dairy products or rich in calcium will help to strengthen them.


Soda, alcohol, or coffee stain and spoil teeth. Take them in minimal doses, your smile will thank you.


The harmful effects of smoking are well known to all. Stains, weak teeth or mouth cancer are some consequences of this habit.


Did you know that pregnant women with periodontal disease such as gingivitis increase the chances of having a premature birth or low birth weight babies? That is why it is advisable to carry out a closer monitoring.


Oral health is closely related to other cardiovascular pathologies or diseases such as diabetes. That is why these patients need special care. You will find it in our clinics in Albacete, Hellín or Villarrobledo.


It may seem incredible to you that oral health influences sports performance and vice versa, but it is. On the other hand, it is recommended that in certain sports where physical strength is the protagonist (basketball, tennis or soccer, for example) they protect themselves to avoid fractures.

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