Horse Grooming Products that Every Owner Needs to Buy


When you are a horse owner, a grooming kit is an essential thing you need to have. But what do you have to include in the grooming kit? Take a look at the following list to find out.

A Hoof Pick

A hoof ick is a tool that allows you to clear and clean the hooves of a horse. Get a pick with a brush to make it easier to remove the dirt and mud that is collected inside the hooves.

A Body Brush

There are types of body brushes to choose from such as soft, medium or hard. The trick to buying a body brush is to go with the type that would be most comfortable for your horse. This depends on factors such as your horse being sensitive or ticklish, or your horse liking a rougher brushing. You can also get brushes customised.

Grooming Gloves

A curry comb or a grooming glove allows you to brush your horse properly.  Gloves come with rubber nubs on them which make it easier to brush.  Grooming the coat of a horse is a way to clean the coat, keep it glossier as well as proved comfort. Apart from brushing the horse’s coat, gloves also provide massage and stimulate muscles and circulation.

Main and Tail Brush

While a body brush can be used for the main and tail of the horse as well, a separate brush allows better care of the horse. Especially if you want to keep the hair from tangling, choosing a mane and tail brush that are specifically made for detangling is the better choice. Just like a horse’s coat, the mane and the tail have to be brushed properly too.

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Grooming Rags

Just brushing will not completely clean your horse. Brushing will keep the coat glossy and clean it from surface. But you will still need to keep a stack of washcloths or grooming rags with you. These clothes will help you to clean the horse when washing. You can use these to remove stains, clean the nose and ears or the horse, and also to wipe them down.

Shampoo/ Detangler and Conditioner

Brushing alone will not keep the mane, tail or the coat clean. You will need to buy products to wash your horse as well. Remember that animal skin and hair is different to that of human skin and hair. Therefore, you will need to buy shampoo, detangler and a conditioner that is specifically made for horses.

Horse Rugs

Horse rugs come in variousdesigns and types. Each of the different type serves a different purpose. There are rugs that keep your horse safe from the weather conditions such as turnout horserugs that can keep the horse warm in winter. There are also other types such as those made to keep them warm in stable, protect them from flies and bugs during summer and exercise sheets to keep them warm when riding.

These are some of the essential items you can add to your grooming kit. Buying products that are made for the specific purpose of grooming will help you to keep your horse healthier.

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