Hobby Lobby Credit Card


The quite popular Hobby lobby card is a variety of credit cards issued by the US bank. These cards have an exclusive range of offers to attract and make their customer stick aside from a cash advance fee of as low as $0 in certain conditions or to the max of $29 annually. It also has a lot of offers like rewards after collecting a level of points and bonus points on your first procurement or purchase, which will be discussed later in the article. The application process and functioning is pretty simple too. If you too feel interested then read the article to get yourself covered up about the Hobby Lobby Credit Card.

 To brief up about the offering company, i.e., U.S. Bank or the U.S. Bancorp which is the parent company of the U.S. Bank national association, and is also the fifth largest banking institution in the U.S. being founded way back in 1968, it now owns 3067 branches and employs an average of 70,000 employees. It operates under the second oldest national charter granted in 1863.

Basic Information

Some of the basic information to get you started with includes-

  • Regular APR offered ranges between 14.99%-25.99%
  • The annual fee has a range of $0-$29 
  • Late payment costs you a fee of $38
  • The cash advance fee is 3%
  • The foreign transaction fee is also 3%
  • The grace period is of 24 days
  • Minimum credit rating required for application is 600
  • Approval waiting time is of 30 days
  • Balance transfer fee is 3%
  • Cash advance rate is 25.99%

Advantages of Hobby Lobby Credit Cards

The U.S. Bank offers a good deal of offers to its customers which act as a good list of “pros” of Hobby Lobby cards for its users. 

  1. Hobby Lobby also has a shop, purchasing from which will give you five points on each purchase.
  2. Whereas, if you buy from any other shop you still get points but only a single point on each purchase made
  3. And if you are an enthusiastic shopper and shop within 90 days of your account start you will get a total of “1000” points. 
  4. And now when you are wondering that enough of the points talk, but what is the benefit of collecting them. Well, U.S. Bsnk offers you straight $25 on your 2500 points earned. And not for just one time but for everytime you collect 2500 points you will get $25 in return for the points so collected.

Disadvantages of Hobby Lobby Credit Cards

With all those nice offers Hobby lobby has to offer, there are some drawbacks too which push the advantage side back. Here are listed a few of them-

  1. As we mentioned above that the annual fee ranges between $0-$29, the basis of decision of the actual fee chargeable from your account is although based on your Credit Rating but it remains covered at the time of your application.
  2. The grace period of 24 days is excessively strict because if you miss the day limit the bank will charge a heavy amount from your account.
  3. That late fee we mentioned in 2. is of $39 approx which is a lot.
  4. The APR is varied between 13.74%-24.74% which is a quite good lending cost to pay.
  5. All the advantages seemed to be designed keeping in mind the needs of the shopper and not the public at large. So if you are not planning on buying this credit card ,massively for shopping then Hobby Lobby has almost nothing good to offer to you.

How to apply for it

After reading all the merits and demerits you must have made your decision if to buy the Hobby Lobby Credit Card or not. If yes, then there are the steps you have to follow for to apply for it-

  1. Firstly you have to visit the official website which is ‘applications.usbank.com’
  2. There you will find a “apply now” button. You have to press it
  3. The enrollment form will appear asking for information like Name, Mobile No., Country of Citizenship and other required details. You will have to fill it up all correctly.
  4. Also fill in the Housing Details and Employment and Income details as asked later in the form.
  5. If you are interested in balance transfers the press the “yes”button and also the enter the total amount too.
  6. Now all that is left is selecting the card design that suits you and submitting the form by pressing the “submit” button.
  7. You are done. Just wait for the confirmation from the -bank now.
  8. For checking your status you can do so by calling at 1-800-888-0321
  9. If your application is approved you will get a confirmation mail from the bank and the credit card will be sent to you at your address. 

Things to keep in mind- 

  • They only accept applications having good credit ratings. So if you are new or have a bad score then the chances of your application being rejected are high.
  • The approval of your application may take upto 30 days as claimed by bank
  • After getting your card via mail you can activate the same by calling at 1-800-888-0321
  • If you forget your username or password, you can recover it by visiting the web address www.hobbylobby.com 
  • For cancelling your application or your card or even to close your existing account, contact the team at 1-800-888-0321
  • an alternate customer support no is 1-866-546-9241, incase the above one doesn’t work


Since we have listed all the basic information and pros-cons you need for making your decision, whether to be a customer of Hobby Lobby Credit Card or not. And if yes then also you know now, the steps involved in applying for the credit card service along with the customer support numbers and websites to contact as and when you require. 

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