High-Intensity Workout Boosts Energy in Senior Citizens, Scientists Say

Many times, high-intensity workouts may seem tiring for senior citizens. But new research claims, these great intensity workouts can effectively increase memory function in older adults by up to 30%. Scientists from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, had appointed 64 elderlies having age between 60 and 88 years. The volunteers were healthy in other ways, apart from having a reduced activity level before trial. Before starting the 12-week-long study, scientists had divided the volunteers into three test groups. One of the groups was asked to perform mild exercise that raised heartbeats to 70-75% of the maximum of their age. The second group had completed a more powerful workout, after which their pulses boosted up to 90-95% for a while. Lastly, the third group had done mild stretching exercises.

The scientists have discovered that elderlies in the high intensity exercises group had a considerable boost of up to 30%. Notably, candidates of the other two groups have not revealed any improvement in memory. Jennifer Heisz, an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University, is the leading author of the study. She said the tests consider the potential to memorize the particulars of new memories without stirring them up. Jennifer said the discovery has broad-range consequences for curing dementia. Reportedly, the disease has affected half a million people in Canada, and the number could increase in the upcoming ten years.

Jennifer noted people could not change their genes, for sure they can improve their way of living. As per the author, it is never too late to begin. She noted the adults involved in the study were inactive and still before the trial. But they have experienced improvement in the memory in the three months, which is amazing. Jennifer said intense exercise is an assuring mediation to delay dementia. Currently, the team has not provided guidelines for effective prevention.

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