High Blood Pressure: Which Snacks to consume to lower your Blood Pressure level

High B.P or excessive tension happens in the conditions when the pressure of the blood touching the artery walls is more than the normal pressure. In such cases, blood vessels get smashed, and the similar leads to kidney disease as well as heart disease and also the stroke among others. This kind of health disorder act as the slow killer because the symptoms often go unnoticed. Other than medication, there are many ways for blood pressure level control. There are some natural ways too.

Blood pressure level can be controlled by various ways like reducing overweight, avoiding the excessive intake of Sodium and salt-rich foods. Food which contains a high quantity of potassium is also helpful for maintaining blood pressure level. Physical activities and daily exercise also maintain the blood pressure level. Diet is also important for maintaining the blood pressure level. Balanced as well as a healthy diet which contains vital nutrients helpful for lowering BP level.

Apple and nut butter together help for lowering the BP level. Apple contains quercetin, which fights with free radicals. Nut butter contains various vital nutrients and proteins. So both this lowers the blood pressure naturally. Dark chocolates and nuts are helpful for lowering the blood pressure level. Nuts contain Pistachios. Pistachios lower the heart rate and tightening of blood vessel heart rate. Chocolates are a high source of potassium, antioxidants, and magnesium. So chocolate with nuts lowers the BP level. Pomegranate and other various fruits are very helpful in lowering the blood pressure level. Oatmeal and banana porridge contains fiber and potassium. Oats are effective not only on systolic blood pressure but also on diastolic BP. Low-fat dairy foodstuffs such as frozen yogurt, cheese, curd, milk are very heart-friendly. Dairy products are useful for lowering the blood pressure level. Cashew balls and dates give lots of energy. Cashew and dates together in snacks lower the blood pressure level.

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