Best Neighborhoods in Toronto

Here Are Some of the Best Neighborhoods in Toronto


Toronto is a massive city full of countless communities, awesome sights, and incredible entertainment, so how do you pick which neighborhood to land in? Whether you’re a young professional or you’re trying to start a family with your spouse, it’s important to carefully pick where you’ll live.

These are the top neighborhoods in Toronto and why they’re so beloved by locals! 

The Distillery District

If you want to live somewhere that feels like a lively downtown without all of the traffic; it’s time to check out the Distillery District! In the last 20 years, this area has been given new life by investors who took older and unknown buildings and reimagined them.

Not only can you find bars and clubs, but there are also multiple shared offices, galleries, and businesses that make this a dream come true for anyone starting a career. You’ll fall in love with this area immediately.  

Old Town 

When you want to find the most interesting homes for sale in Toronto, it’s time to head to Old Town! Home to the most famous building in Toronto, you’ll instantly recognize the Flatiron Building the moment you see it.

The local bars, clubs, and restaurants keep this area busy, yet fun, for anyone who wants to feel like they’re living downtown without having to pay the price for it. Home to St. Lawrence Market, which has been voted amongst the top ten food markets in the world, and plenty of sights to see, this is an incredible place to live.  

The Danforth

If you have Greek ancestry or simply love Greek food, it’s time to consider Danforth! Built from the ground by Greek immigrants in the early 1900s, this great strip is now full of restaurants and bars.

Here you can explore the Danforth Music Hall and check out the countless nightclubs and bars. Although it’s 45 minutes by public transit to get downtown, you’ll feel like you’re at the center of the city.  

The Beaches

If you want to forget that you’re in a major city that’s as far away from the ocean as possible, it’s time to check out the Beaches neighborhood in Toronto! These beaches offer everything from sunning, to swimming, playing beach volleyball, and having fun with friends and family. This feels like a slice of paradise and surprises most people who are new to it. 

Kensington Market

Falling in love with Toronto is easy if you’re in Kensington Market! This area is loaded with vintage stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and so much more. Although there are tons of new experiences packed into this one area, it still feels down-to-earth and laidback. Don’t be surprised if you visit and fall in love with this neighborhood while you’re here. Most people do.

This City Will Keep You Excited for More

There’s always something new and incredible out there that will keep you eager to keep going and exploring the city. If you’re keen to get the most out of Toronto, consider checking out some of these neighborhoods!

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