Hearing the sound of gunfire


Badal Sarkar (25) wanted to go to Saudi Arabia. He also got a passport for that. And Ershadul Haque (35) was a candidate of Awami League to serve the people by becoming the chairman of Union Parishad (UP) like his father. But one was shot dead by the miscreants and another died at the hospital. Badal did not go abroad and Ershadul did not become chairman. With death, their dreams came to an end.

Ershadul is the son of Abul Kashem, a resident of Khandura village in Natghar union of Nabinagar upazila of Brahmanbaria and current UP chairman. Abul Kashem is currently the joint general secretary of the Union Awami League. His son Ershadul was the general secretary and contractor of Union Juba League. Badal Sarkar was a resident of the same village and an associate of Ershadul. Badal used to bring Ershadul to different places on a motorcycle.

From Saturday morning till afternoon, relatives were seen staying at the house of the deceased in Nandura village. In the room Ershadul’s wife Sumi Begum, mother Rawshana Begum, Qatari expatriate brother Akhtaruzzaman in the yard, in another room father UP chairman Abul Kashem is sitting and crying. Ershadul has two sons and a daughter.

Ershadul’s wife Sumi Begum told Prothom Alo that she talked to her last husband during the Azan of Asr on Friday afternoon. Later in the night, she called her husband again. Then Ershadul Waz was speaking in the mahfil. Someone else picked up the phone. She said, “Then I heard my husband greet me and say, ‘I am a candidate for chairman. Pray for me. ” “My daughter was asleep at night,” he said. Suddenly hearing the sound of gunfire, the little girl immediately woke up shouting “Daddy”. I immediately hugged the girl and put her to sleep. After a while, my brother-in-law Akhtaruzzaman knocked on the door and asked me to open it. Debor said that her husband was shot dead as soon as he entered the house.

The miscreants first shot Badal and then Ershadul on Mahesh Road in Kurighar village of the upazila. Badal immediately fell to the ground and died on the spot. Ershadul died at the hospital in a bloody and serious condition.
Ershadul’s father UP Chairman Abul Kashem told Prothom Alo, ‘My son used to do all my work. I’m sick. So I told the boy, if he wants to be a nominee, I will not vote. The boy expressed interest. The people of the village liked him a lot. He was popular in the area. Ershadul was the plaintiff in the case of the murder of his nephew named Saidullah. He was shot dead for all these reasons.

Badal Sarkar has been living with his family for 20 years in place of Chairman Abul Kashem in Nandura village. Badal once worked as a mechanic. However, Badal started supervising Ershadul’s various contractors for two years. Besides, he used to bring Ershadul to and from different places on motorcycles. Badal’s body was taken to the village around 3 pm. The relatives started shouting next to the body. Sister Ritu Rani Sarkar repeatedly fainted.

Badal’s mother Sanita Rani Sarkar shouted, “My son wanted to go to Saudi Arabia. He also got a passport for this. But they shot and killed the boy. They emptied my lap. My son never went abroad.Ershadul went to the Waz mahfil near Kurighar Bazar in the upazila at around 9 pm last Friday to seek prayers as a candidate for the post of chairman in the Natghar UP election. Badal left for home with Sarkar on a motorbike asking for prayers from everyone.

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