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Different types of stone fireplaces will make you tired. It might be tough to find out what you want if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Natural stone fireplaces-from subtle and simple to bold and majestic-are very diverse. If you are looking for the perfect stone, it is good to know that any stone can help you. To get started read our guide to the many varieties of stone fireplaces.

What is the best stone for fireplaces?

Natural stone fireplaces are without a doubt one of the most popular fireplaces right now.

They are non-flammable, durable, and heat-resistant. They have everything needed for a fireplace, but this does not mean that the solution is easy. There are several stone fireplaces to select from, each with its own distinct features and qualities. It is important that your appearance matches your interior decoration or becomes a show as the core of your room. Take a look at the different stone fireplaces on offer and consider which style to choose.

Chimneys of Jura stone.

Jura stone, what is it?

Jura Stone is a form of calcareous stone from Germany yet, because of its comparable look and strong structure, is also commonly called in the name of marble.

What’s calcareous?

Limestone is a calcium carbonate-rich porous sedimentary rock. It is usually made on the seabed and has been used since ancient times because it is relatively easy to carve complex patterns.

Why should you go for a Jura stone fireplace?

Jurassic stone is often one of the least expensive stones used to construct fireplaces. Suitable for gas and electric fireplaces, but may crack when burning solid fuels. Most of our Jura stone fireplaces are lightweight, perfect for those who want a bold and stylish look, with modern lines without distractions. Because of their minimalism, they are perfect for most room decorations, and you can easily find a suitable fire source. In addition, Jurassic stones require relatively little maintenance.

Why do you pick a calcareous chimney?

Depending on the number of tasks you wish to perform, limestone fireplaces are suited for any budget. It burns unevenly and cracks under solid fuel heat, so it is only suitable for gas and electric fires. It is colorful and timeless. Although it has a matte finish by nature, it may be polished to a modest sheen. It must also be sealed, so make sure your cup is clean and avoid liquids that may cause watermarks.

Thick limestone can have a traditional or modern look, whether you want something clean and modern or something beautifully carved. Also have a fireproof frame from Agean Limestone, which is characterized by a bright white color that creates an eye-catching effect.

What exactly is granite?

Granite is a highly hard stone, having mineralogical variations in color. The sculptures of Mount Rushmore show their immense potential, while it is incredibly durable, thus it is utilized for a variety of purposes across the world.

Fireplaces made of marble and stone

What exactly is marble?

Marble is a kind of limestone that has deteriorated to give the famous swirl and stripe pattern. Many sculptors always had the feeling of luxury in choosing the materials.

Why choose a fireplace of marble?

Marble ledges are great for your fireplace to lend a sense of seriousness. It is highly robust and suited for flames of all kinds, including solid fuels. The classic style carving is very suitable for traditional appearance and can be touched safely. Most of them are light-colored marble ledges that look smooth or natural. All of them have a remarkable character and are distinct by their stone, making marble one of the most revered stones of the fireplace. Chips and stains may appear on it, so be careful.

Why are you going to a fireplace in granite stone?

You may require a granite fireplace if you are seeking something that is genuinely attractive.

Available in high-gloss dark black, you can polish the granite into a luxurious finish. Although a granite fireplace is very durable, it may break in a solid fuel fire if it is not cut into panels to accommodate expansion. It is therefore perfect for gas and electric fireplaces and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Visit the website to learn more about such exciting brands of electric fireplaces.

Fireplaces made of micro marble stone

What exactly is Micro Marble?

The only artificial stone on this list is micro marble. To make it, marble is ground into powder and mixed with a small amount of resin to make a soft stone that can be carved in a fireplace.

Why should you go to a little fireplace of marble stone?

Many people will be attracted by the uniqueness of every piece. However, a tiny marble fireplace might be a fantastic alternative if you want your stone to be more predictable.

Polishing marble destroys patterns and defects, resulting in beautiful transparent stone. Micro marble offers the extra benefit of being sustainable while preserving the elegance and brilliance of genuine marble. The addition of resin to the mixture means that it is less prone to peel off and cheaper and easier to treat. Resin also reduces its heat resistance, so it is more suitable for gas and electrical fires.


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