Google Will Prompt Android Users to Select Other Browsers to Relieve EU Concerns

Google Will Prompt Android Users to Select Other Browsers to Relieve EU Concerns


A senior Google executive announced on Tuesday; Google will advise Android users to select their preferred web browser and search apps. The move is in efforts to avoid new EU antitrust approvals. Besides, Google seeks to reduce EU antitrust troubles and prevent new sanctions. Last year, the European Commission delivered the tech giant a fine of $4.9 billion. The agency claimed Google for using the market potential of its mobile apps to block its competitors like internet browsing. Now the case is being requested. The EU stated Google’s deals with phone manufacturer put them at a disadvantage as they rely entirely on Android. But in the meantime, Google is no longer asking phone makers (like Samsung, Huawei) to sing a compatibility agreement.

As per EU enforcers, by offering Google’s Chrome browser and Google search app on Android devices, the company gained an advantage over its rivals illegally. Phone makers can now additionally license the Google mobile app suite. They will not require to preinstall Google’s Chrome and Search apps. From the beginning, Android offers the ability to install any browser of the user’s choice. But now Google will feature that users have other browser and search engine alternatives.

On the other side, in responding to the billion-dollar fine, Google said it would offer a paid agreement for a group of manufacturers. It includes European phone and tablet makers who want to add Google’s app store and other apps in their devices. Another license will allow them to include only embed its search engine and browser. Google also said that it recently started a new pattern for product ads which are displayed on top search results. Although, Google will require to pay up to 5% of the Alphabet’s average daily worldwide turnover if the company fails to obey the EU’s order. Along with the change in mobile OS, Google is making a change in one more product. Google Shopping is the product subject to EU antitrust complaints.

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