Google Unrolled New Features for Google Maps

Google has added a set of new features to its Google Maps app. One of the highlights will allow a user to monitor speed alongside local speed limits. While the second one will display, natural disasters are taking place on the way. What precisely the search giant has offered, let us see the new features of Google Maps one by one. The latest one is the search giant has added a speedometer at the corner of Google Maps screen. It could assist drivers or vehicle occupiers in noticing their vehicle speed. Thus the U.S. tech giant has worked to offer a smart and better experience.

Reportedly, the speedometer feature is not active by default. The exclusive functionality is available in only a few regions of the world like Australia, the U.S., Canada, UK, India and Germany. A user can enable the feature via “Navigation Settings” present in Maps’ preferences. Although the functionality to measure speed does not totally depend on the speedometer. Google uses GPS to estimate the speed. Thus one cannot rely on the app to calculate speed. So look towards your car’s speedometer for the best results. On the other side, the search giant has announced a new feature in its SOS Alters. Soon, Google Maps will notify users about natural disasters happening or probable to take place on their route. It will display notification cards revealing earthquakes, flood, hurricane etc.

As per the company, the navigation will try to take another route or route out from a disaster-affected area. The new features will first be available on Google Maps’ Android, desktop PC, and mobile versions. Even more, a user can share the disaster-related information with friends or family. Besides, the functionality will be available globally. For cyclones, the Map will try to reveal their route and will display a crisis notification card in Google Maps if you’re near an affected area. Flood forecasts will show an overlay on a map of affected areas, along with information about severity. Finally, earthquakes will also get a crisis card, which will show you its epicentre, magnitude, and areas affected.

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