Google Unrolled a Set of New Features for Gmail On April Fools Day

Google Unrolled a Set of New Features for Gmail On April Fools Day


More than a decade ago, on April 1, 2004, Google unrolled an email service assuring rapid and secure messaging. The search giant’s Gmail is now 15 years old, on occasion of its birthday, Google announced a set of new updates. On Monday, Google unveiled a new tool for Gmail users that allows a user to schedule an email to a later date. It is one of the service for which users were eagerly waiting. Thus the newly designed feature for 1.5 billion Gmail users will assist to email smarter by investing minimal time to compose it. The update mainly focuses on two aspects – the potential to schedule emails and Smart Compose. One of the primary objective behind Gmail’s scheduling feature is assisting a user to maintain a perfect balance between work and life. Here the idea is to schedule a mail instead of sending it late at night.

The act will release the work pressure of employees which they have it after receiving an email in non-working hours. Along with this, the scheduling feature will allow a user to cancel the scheduled message at any point. If a user cancels a delayed mail, it will be saved as a draft. On the other hand, Smart Compose is a functionality which attempts to autocomplete the content of an email while a user is scripting it. In short, it suggests text to ease the composition of a mail. For example, if a user usually like “Hello” over “How are You?”, then Smart Compose will determine that. Google asserts the Smart Compose feature has the potential to detect and adapt writing approach of a user.

Besides, many times user fear over what should they type in the subject line of an email. There’s also a good news for them. Smart Compose can recommend a subject line based on the matter of the mail. The exclusive feature, previously available on Pixel 3 devices, is now available for all Android users. Along with the Smart Compose feature, the search giant has introduced four new languages to the mailing platform. So the user can use Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian language for scripting emails.

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