Google to Add New Data Centers Across U.S.  – Ready to Sign Thousands of Employees

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced today in the blog post that the company is planning to invest in the new data center and office in the United States over this year. The new data center and offices in the United States will open up the vacancies at Google’s doorstep. Those who are willing to join Google to get a boost in their career will find one sooner in the United States of America. Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared the investment plan in his blog post.

He said that the company would invest nearly $13 billion throughout 2019. The plan is to expand the reach of Google in 14 states of the United States by opening Data centers and new offices. Some countries already have data centers or offices, so the construction of new properties will start in Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia and will result in the creation of nearly 10,000 construction-related jobs in the state. With this investment, Google will have its presence in 24 states and the data centers in almost 13 states of the United States of America.

Last Year, Google followed the same expansion plan with $9 billion in investment and created nearly 10,000 jobs by recruiting the engineers and other staff in their offices. In this plan of spending $13 billion, not every penny will be spent on expanding the workforce and office, but to expand into the Renewable energy sector. Without the data centers, Google is nothing but a crippled company. The data centers do run their Core search engine, YouTube, G-Suite and Google Drive cloud services. Google is building new data centers to keep their current data centers separate from the Core products and dedicate them for Cloud services. Currently, the company is competing with Microsoft’s cloud services and Amazon’s Web Services in the sector.

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