Google+ Pages Will Shutdown on 2nd April 2019

Google already announced that they are going to shut down the Google Plus social networking websites. After the data leak of millions of users, the company accelerated the shutdown process and announced that Google+ Pages would go offline on 2nd April 2019. The company has advised their users to download all the content from their Google+ pages before the 2nd of April to prevent any data loss. The original shutdown was scheduled in August, but the leakage of personal information of the users accelerated, and now we have the official date of the cessation of the Google+ Pages.

On the 2nd of April, the company will shut the Google+ Pages and the Google+ accounts of the users, ceasing access to the Photos, videos and any other textual content hosted on the site. After the deadline, Google will erase every bit of data stored by users, and they will have no further access to their photos, videos, and the Google Plus social network.  Along with the Google+ Pages, Google+ Developer Tools will disappear from the internet on March 7th. The Developer Tools section had the bug that allowed hackers to siphon the data of millions of users.

David Conway, Product Manager at Google, wrote in a Blog post that the Google+ API developer Tools would go offline on March 7th and no user will have access to the same after that date. Also, he said that the enterprise users wouldn’t have to worry about this shutdown, as Google will continue supporting the Google+ for enterprise users.  Recently, Google announced that they are shutting down the Google Hangouts for Enterprise users and will replace the same with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for chatting and video conferencing purpose.

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