Google Might be Working on Wearable Smartwatch – Job Listing Suggests

Google is not into the smartwatch industry except for providing the WearOS. Recently, reports suggested that the company might explore the chances of their entry in the Wearable smartwatch business. According to the recent listings on the Google Jobs page, we can spot the listing for VP of wearables in the company. Although it does indicate that the company might be working to develop the Smart wearables division in the company, there is no official confirmation or any other hints of the same.

On the Google Jobs site, the first listing is for the Vice President of Hardware Engineering for Wearables. The job description says that the Vice President of Hardware Engineering will oversee the work of Google Wearable devices production with the senior leadership of the company. The VP would manage the task of design and development of the wearable devices.  Another listing is for the post of Wearable Design Manager for Consumer Hardware. The job description says that the position involves designing and developing the device that will define “what it means to hold ‘Google in your hand.’”

Google is nowhere in the Smart wearables hardware industry. The only wearable hardware that Google owns is the Pixel Buds, but they failed miserably. But, the company provides a WearOS operating system for the smartwatch makers. Recently, Google purchased the smartwatch Technologies from Fossil Smartwatches, and that marked the entry of the company in the smartwatch industry. The transaction between these two companies is done, but there is no information shared by anyone about the technologies that Google would get from this deal. If the smartwatch from Google, probably Pixel Watch hits the market soon, then it’d be interesting to see what Google will offer to the smartwatch users.

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