Google is Testing Anti-Phishing Filter that Marks Suspicious URLs on Chrome Browser

Google is Testing Anti-Phishing Filter that Marks Suspicious URLs on Chrome Browser


Google is always working on improving the user’s experience of the Chrome browser. By taking care of privacy and the security concerns, the company is testing a new Anti-phishing filter, which will mark the suspicious websites while browsing them. The users will see the warning message while surfing the site that is intended to steal your data. The engineers were trying to find an efficient way to tackle the suspicious websites, and they’re testing the same with the limited amount of Chrome users.

Google Engineers Emily Stark, who is working in the security team of Google Chrome mentioned about this feature in the Enigma Conference in Burlingame, California. According to her, the function will detect the mistyped URLs and the deceptive websites. Once the users visit such sites, the browser will show a warning tab indicating the suspiciousness of the site.  Such websites are used to collect payment or personal information and misused for payment fraud and identity theft. Once the users see the flag, they will have the option to reroute to the original and trusted website instead of falling into the scam.

This is not the only attempt from Google to introduce a feature that allows users to receive recommendations on mistyped URLs. The lookalike URL detection system is the feature already in Google Chrome which allows users to receive correct recommendations if they visit a lookalike website meant for phishing purpose. Although the feature never made it as the official feature, it is still available from the Chrome Flags. The new anti-phishing filter is the advanced version of the same feature and additionally shows the flags that can warn users if the browser thinks it’s a shady website.

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