Google Initiates Rolling Out Better AMPs Which Will Display Actual Website URL

Google AMP is growing faster than ever. Despite being an optimized way to create mobile web pages, it now powers interactive content in Gmail. Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) three years ago, in 2015. It is an open source environment which boosts web pages in mobile. Since arrival, the framework adoption has thrived across the internet and on mobiles. Those AMP load instantly and appear much simpler than that of actual webpages. One more thing to point is the URL in the address bar starts with Google’s name. For example, it shows instead of with the actual URL of the page you have visited.

The search giant announced at AMP Conference 2019 that it’s going to address AMP’s everlasting complaint regarding URLs. Google has launched new support to fix the problem, and it is something called Signed Exchanges. In short, whenever a user clicks on the link, the address bar of the browser will display the original one. From today, whenever you use Google Search and go to a link, the browser will show the publisher’s actual URL instead of a Google prefix. The search giant has been working on the issue since last year. In January 2018, the company announced that it was working on an effort which will enable to load AMP pages from the cache without exposing Google URL.

To launch the new feature, Google has partnered with Cloudflare, an American company that offers content delivery network services. Thus at the heart of the effort, it is using signed exchanges, the new Web Packaging standard. In order to get things worked, it is essential that technologies involved in loading AMP format have to support the standard. So your browser, search engine, and the publisher, all of those must promote Signed Exchanges. From now, the publishers have to take extra efforts and publish a signed and unsigned version of their articles. Currently, only Google Chrome is supporting the key feature behind this service. Other browsers will probably add the technique shortly.

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