Google has committed US$300 million to strengthen up the quality of Journalism

The company announced this Tuesday about the launching of Google News Initiative, that has been designed to assist the news organizations, to let it strengthen the quality of journalism, as well works on the development of new business models and new updates in the technologies. Google has committed of spending US$300 million over three years that will help the organization in adopting digital age.

The main motto of Google News Initiative (GNI) is to control the online fraudulent information as well, noticing “synthetic media” such as digitally transformed images. Additionally, the company has taken the initiative in focusing on the literacy program to support the information, which helps to build a strong future for journalism, Google’s chief business officer and senior vice-president, Mr. Philipp Schindler, shared with the journalist at the time of launching this system.

Mr. Schindler says, day by day it’s getting difficult to recognize the facts and things that are actually not online. However, the business concepts related to journalism will continue to upgrade at the extreme level.

This improvement and development in the technology have been challenging for all the institutions, that includes the news industry to make progress. Moreover, their main aim is to build up an informative world by integrating with the reporters at journalism and news organizations.

Mr. Richard Gingras, Vice-President of news at Google, shared with the journalist,” Uplifting superior journalism is getting complicated towards argument related to distortion”. More improvise technology and quality search application would be implied for informative and reliable sources. Basically, this will be applicable in the case of breaking news that can be handled by bad actors.

Director of Google’s New Lab, Mr. Steve Grove, mentioned in his blog that Google has to do much more than actually, it has done to assist the journalism to go ahead. One sort of pressure the news industries are facing, tech companies as well the news organizations. This organization needs to wrap up with teamwork to assure the quality of journalism to brighten up in future.

At present the quality of news and journalism is the main target for Google, as committed and proven by a team of Google News Initiative, says Mr. Schindler. Looking forward to work with the team of the news industry, to build up a strong future in terms of journalism.