Google Drags the Controversial Anti-Gay App After Facing Exclusion from Corporate Equality Index

The county’s LGBTQ rights group is canceling its support of Google over the company’s denial to remove a controversial app. Yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign suspended Google from the 2019 Corporate Equality Index. As per a report from the agency, those therapies include a series of dangerous and defamed practices that wrongly claim to change a person’s sexual orientation. The agency claims this app can harm the LGBTQ community. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) published its annual corporate equality index on March 28 and remarkably excluded the search giant from its ranking.

On the same day, Google decided to drag an app, claimed of promoting conversion therapy, from Play Store. As per a statement of a Google representative, the company reached the decision after consulting with external advocacy groups. Google also reviewed its policies to ensure that it has a deep knowledge of the app and its conversion therapy. After looking into all the aspects, eventually, the search giant decided to remove the app. The android app, dispensed by Texas-based Christian non-profit Living Hope Ministries, provides audios and videos to its users. The service offers sermons, devotions, and testimonial. But the non-profit agency repeatedly represents being gay as an addiction which drags people towards bad lifestyle, while notifying users their gender can be changed or ignored. Living Hope Ministries has claimed that the app does not support or promote conversion therapy.

As per the app records, more than 1,000 users downloaded the Living Hope app. The HRC revealed the adverse results ties with promoting conversion therapy. HRC said they previously requested Google to remove the app as it is dangerous to LGBTQ youth. They reveal other companies like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have taken action to remove the app from their stores. Although, Google ranked top on the Corporate Equality Index in past years. Even more, the search giant has received a 100% score in 2018.

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