Google Bans Photo Stealing Apps from Google Play Store

Google Play Store is home to millions of Android apps. Most of them are legit, but some sneaky developers and hackers do upload suspicious apps that trick the systems. That’s why there is a substantial amount of malicious apps on Google Play Store. Today, Google took strict actions against the Photo stealing apps and removed them from the Play Store. Google developer team is on the cleaning mission as they’ve already removed tons of suspicious apps that might steal the information and also misusing the Contact and storage permissions. All of the removed apps are photo and selfie-related apps that provided additional beauty filters to the users.

According to the report from Cyber Security Firm Trend Micro, the company has removed nearly 29 photography apps from the Play Store. The numbers are approximate as there might be some unpopular apps that missed in the monitoring. These removed apps were performing fraudulent activities when users install them. The malicious activities include showing additional ads, showing full-screen ads without an option to close them, showing advertisements on the Lock screen, etc. some of the apps were suspected of uploading the photos and selfies took by users to their private servers.

Almost all of the 29 apps that were removed were photo and selfie-related apps that provided the filter effects. As such apps are pretty popular in India and China, these apps had thousands, and some of them had millions of downloads. Some apps showed full-screen ads and some are suspected to have uploaded the photos on private servers. Google might still on the hunt of such apps as many apps show full-screen ads when users unlock their phones or start bitcoin mining in the background.

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