Google Assistant will soon listen what you are saying, it might be any language

Google Assistant is grower smarter and keener day by day. According to the latest announcement made by the tech giant, the intelligent virtual assistant will understand what you say in 30 more languages for 95 percent of the Android users worldwide. Google, Amazon, and Apple always be the race when it comes to virtual assistant race.

Google has made it so easy for users to communicate in the language they are comfortable with. For example, if the user gives a command in English, Assistant will revert back in English only. In case user speaks an entirely different language, the Google assistant will analyze and try to understand the language first and then reply back accordingly.

English will be the prime language Google will be using. Other languages include German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Brazilian. As of now, it supports eight languages. As the process reaches its developed level within next 10 months, it will reveal 22 more languages.

This is not what Google has aimed. Its intentions are to roll out Google Assistant services in all the languages of the world. Following languages that will be added further includes Norwegian, Dutch, Hindi, Danish, Norwegian, Thai and Swedish.

This is the huge improvements what Google has made today. Users will now use Google Assistant more comfortably. Future work of Google will be to pick up diverse languages in the same sentence. Bringing 30 languages to Google Assistant is a more challenging job for Google but feel pleased when it will defeat its rival, Siri that works well with languages such as Mandarin and Cantonese that are yet to land on Google.

Along with multilingual features, Google will be integrating to Android hardware for promoting camera features. Simultaneously, it’s going to start its journey with a number of phone carriers that can allow users to check how much data they have consumed along with internet plan details.