Google And Amazon Asking for Continuos Data-flow from Home Devices

Google and Amazon are selling some amazing home management devices like the Google Home and Alexa Dot. These devices are powered with the IoT technology and paired with their Smart Voice assistants. Amazon Alexa Dot and Google Home do send data to the parent company regularly for improving the service. But after recent discovery from the popular tech news website, it is clear that the companies are not satisfied with the data flow and asking for 24/7 data flow. That means, companies like Google and  Amazon will know exactly when you go to bed, and other information like your voice commands.

Logitech and Other hardware makers for these devices spoke to the representatives from a popular tech media site and revealed these details. Some of the companies denied co-operating with Google for adding the support of continuous data-flow. Google and Amazon are not happy with the data that they are getting from the customers and need more data to “improve the voice command assistance for the users and improve the speed of assisting”. Most of the companies denied cooperating with Google and Amazon for the sake of privacy of the users.

As of now, the Amazon Alexa devices and Google home devices do send some continuous information to the companies. They can identify your sleeping habits, eating habits, TV watching preferences, and many other things. As of now, Google has not shared any official statement on this matter. But Amazon said that they do collect the continuous data, but they do not share or use the data for advertising purpose. Even when they are not using it for advertising, it is quite sure that they might use this in every way to personalize their Voice assistants. Google representatives are expected to share their inputs on this matter very soon with media personnel.

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