Hiking and camping in Switzerland

Going for Hiking and Camping in Switzerland?: Here are the Best Places you should Add to Your List

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Whether you are looking to explore lush green terrains or want to traverse the Alps’ peaks, Switzerland is undoubtedly a great place to quench your curiosity. Switzerland is a top hiking location for adventure enthusiasts. It can be your next favorite destination for detoxifying your soul and adventure sports. Hiking and camping in Switzerland can be great fun if you know which place to choose for hiking. So, here are the best hiking places that you must add to your list. 

Hiking and camping in Switzerland

  • Hardergrat Hike:- It is one of the toughest day-hikes in Switzerland. The hike starts at Brienz and runs along the Brienzersee (Brienz Lake) to Harder Kulm Station. It will take you around six to seven hours to complete the hike. This hike is for experienced hikers. It should be avoided on wet days because its cliffs can be ruthless. It’s possible to get the train up to Brienz and then down from Harder Kulm, so you hike along the ridge. However, you will need to hike fast and with the resolution because you will be hiking down another 800m of incline if you miss the last train. The best way is to get the early train at Brienz and then work your way along the ridge to Harder-Kulm Station and make sure you get the last train down.


  • Mount Niesen Hike, The Swiss Pyramid:- You probably have not heard about this hike, but it is worth giving it a try. The cable car is so sheer it’s an interesting ride in itself. The panorama trail’s views to the summit are incredible, and then to be above the clouds at Niesen Kulm Berghaus savoring the sunset was out of this world. Because of its versatile pyramid shape, this top sticks out above the clouds when the circumstances are right. With a lavish mountain hut restaurant on top of the summit, it is one of the scenes to behold in Thun, just one town down the line from Interlaken.


  • Augstmatthorn Hike from Harder Kulm:- Augstmatthorn is one of the most striking summits along the Hardergrat Ridge. It’s popular not only for the beautiful views but for the Ibex colony that calls Augstmatthorn home. There are many ways to reach Augstmatthorn, but the most popular route is to begin at Harder Kulm and walk on the ridge to the top. The view at the Augstmatthorn with the clouds will be fabulous. You can view all the way down the Hardergrat ridge. The hike ranges from Harder Kulm to Augstmatthorn and then down to Habkern is around sixteen kilometers. From Habkern, you then take the bus back to your destination.


  • Mount Rigi Panorama Trail:- It is one of the easiest hikes, but it also has some steep sections. It is a seven-kilometer hike. This hike offers you some of the best views while hiking in Switzerland. The trail begins already high up, at the top of Rigi Kulm, right at the mountain train station line. The scenes from here are already charming, opening over the green and blue valleys and clouds. Get a bench, grab a coffee, or just click pictures until you are ready to start going. The path finishes immediately before the Rigi Scheidegg cable car. You can kill some time at the station visiting the restaurant before you get the cable car down to the valley. Here you can catch a train to wherever it is you are going next.


  • Engelberg Valley:- This valley has many trails. You can spend weeks hiking through this valley. The Brunni Trail is a scenic path and an excellent way to help you explore the fundamentals of the valley and the flowering fields circled by looming peaks. This seven-kilometer hike sees slight elevation (just under 300 meters total) and shouldn’t take more than two-and-a-half hours to complete. For a great fun activity, try the BrunniTickle path, a specific path that envelopes the entire lake. It meant to be felt without shoes on. The trail is made up of various textures: sand followed by gravel followed by wood shards. There is simple terrain followed by water-covered ground and then sharp ground.


  • Matterhorn:-  The Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks in the Alps. It is a moderate hike, and it will take around eight to twelve hours to complete. The time also depends on the fitness of the person, the number of stops, and some changes on the route along the way. Zermatt is the best point to start your hike for Matterhorn. If you want to keep this a one-day hike, then find a cable car line, and start following it. 

The Bottom Line

Switzerland is certainly an unforgettable place. If it is your next destination, then you must visit the above places. 

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