What is GoFormative and How does it works


Goformative is a formative assessment tool that allows you to track students’ progress in real-time and provide feedback and comments on their work at any time. 

So, in this blog, you will know how to use Goformative for studying and learning purposes.

Prepare Assignments and Quizzes

This tool is quite formative and helps you create questionnaires for quiz purposes. Then you can share it with your students. Besides, you can also check whether your students complete their assignments or not. In the end, grant them a grade and give feedback accordingly.

Students can review the Teacher’s Feedback

After completing your assignment, the teacher will give you feedback or comment when you submit it. In this way, to check the Feedback, students can review whenever they want at Goformative. 

Not only this, but students can also check their old assignments, grades, comments and Feedback. 

Goformative functionality

With this tool, the teacher creates learning material that may include:

  • Content (image, text, whiteboard, video, and embedded embed code). 
  • Task (quiz, adding a short answer, adding a complete answer, demonstrating your work, multiple-choice question, true/false). 
  • Additional questions (add a response, classification and set sequence), but this option only works in the paid version. 

Instead, the teacher provides students with ready-made educational material using a particular link or code. And when students begin to complete tasks, the teacher sees each student’s progress on his screen and can provide Feedback at any time.

Furthermore, this tool allows you to do classwork across every lecture, deliver digital map quizzes, and discuss student work without displaying their names or profiles. 

How to Assign GoFormative quizzes via Google Classroom

If you can use Google applications in the classroom, you can access Google Classroom. In this way, Go formative proves quite helpful as it directly creates a connection with Google Classroom. 

For this purpose, you have to make an assessment. Then tap on the “Google Classroom” option and deliver it to your Google application of Google Classroom.

How to get started with Formative? 

  • Create an account by clicking “Sign Up.”
  • To create new learning material, click “New Formative.” 
  • Add new content or tasks by clicking on the plus icon.
  • To view the training material, go to the “Preview” tab. 

How to grant access to students? 

  • Click on the “Assign/Share” button.
  • Select the class for which this task is intended (if the class has not yet been created, create it by clicking “Add new class”). 
  • Or you can click on the “New Classes” button on the “Classes” tab and create a new class. 
  • Then for the selected class, click “Assign”. The system will automatically generate a code for students; they can start working on assignments by using code. 
  • It also provides a link that you can add to your blog. 
  • If you use Google Classroom, you can share content through it.
  • The results of students’ work are visible on the tab “View Responses.”

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