Gmail is offering new features within new update – Snooze,Smart Reply,and many

Gmail has a good news for all the users with its major update. The update includes many features like high-priority notifications, offline support, and confidential mode. However, the company hasn’t offered all of their features in this update.

Smart Reply is the most important feature of this update available in the mobile version of Gmail. Smart Reply features works on Google machine by suggesting three responses to the email. Users can select the response for mail and also can add texts. The more user will use; it will suggest better suggestions. At the start, it will suggest the basic replies including “Thanks” and “I’m working on it now”.

Another new feature is snooze email. It was unveiled in the Google Inbox mobile app where a user can set their messages to be sent by time and date too. This feature won’t let a user forget to drop the mail as it pops up after scheduling and snoozes until the user responds it. There is tool panel under three icons on the right side of Gmail’s interface to access easily the Tasks, Calendar. Google will be adding a third-party feature in the panel. It is a simple reminder program.

Gmail features will be hidden until the user needs it. The feature involves the nudging to the important emails, older than two days. It can determine the importance of the mail.

Also, now it can be possible to read the mail without opening it. To get these all features user will have to update the app. For new users, sign up and net the app. Click on the option at the top – “Try the new Gmail”. If it is not appearing right now, then check it within next two days, Google will be rolling out this update for their billions of users within two days.

Turn on the Early Adopter Program if logging in from the Google to access the new features.