Get To Know The Best Ethical Hacking Courses Of 2021


A Certified Ethical Hacker is responsible for using the same tools and techniques used by malicious hackers lawfully and legitimately to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization’s computer systems. The Certified Ethical Hacker Certification validates individuals for their expertise and skills in using hacking methodologies, tools, and techniques to hack an organization’s network lawfully to find and fix security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 

CEH Certification

The CEH certification is offered by EC-Council is one of the most sought-after certifications in this digital epoch. To earn this certification, individuals have to appear for the CEH exam and secure a passing score. Below are two eligibility criteria to appear for the examination, out of which applicants have to meet any one of these:


  • Official CEH Training: One must attend official training from an accredited training center, like Koenig Solutions. Training can be in any format, like computer-based, live online, and instructor-led training. Alternatively, one can attend training at EC-Council’s iClass, a learning portal. 
  • Without Official Training: Individuals not attending official CEH training have to submit proof of holding two years of experience in the information security domain. 


Top 10 CEH Courses For 2021

  • Certified Ethical Hacker CEH v11 Certification By Koenig Solutions

The CEH v11 Certification by Koenig Solutions enables individuals to learn about the state-of-art tools, methodologies, and techniques used by malicious attackers to hack an organization’s systems lawfully. But participants should possess the fundamental knowledge of operating systems and networking. In this course, applicants will learn about trojans, backdoors, firewalls, IDS, wireless hacking, smartphone hacking, Oracle databases, hacking SQL, mobile application security, etc. 

  • Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch (Udemy)

This course is ideal for beginners wishing to build careers in the ethical hacking domain. It helps individuals to understand hacking concepts from scratch. Initially, this course concentrates on basic information about penetrating testing and ethical hacking. Once all fundamental concepts get covered, it moves to advanced concepts. One can learn the basics of penetration testing, ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis, and hacking network systems and Wi-Fi. 

  • Cybersecurity For Managers: A Playbook 

This cybersecurity certification is ideal for entrepreneurs and managers for keeping their data safe. This course covers Defense-in-depth-mechanism, the cybersecurity framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the cybersecurity framework for risk management. 

  • Ethical Hacking For Beginners Course (Udemy)

This course intended for beginners covers all the basics of port scanning, ethical hacking, and vulnerability scanning. It is divided into three parts – foundation, lab setup, and hacking. 

  • Penetration Testing And Ethical Hacking (Cybrary)

This course is freely available and is intended for individuals wishing to build careers in ethical hacking. It covers session hijacking, Denial of Service, sniffing traffic, system hacking, and penetration testing. 

  • Learn Ethical Hacking Online – LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Ethical Hacking course is ideal for beginners and individuals possessing little knowledge. This course allows participants to learn about scanning networks, session hijacking, foot printing and reconnaissance, and Kali Linux. 

  • Cybersecurity Certification By University Of Maryland (Coursera)

This course is one of the sought-after choices amongst IT professionals. It comprises five courses and covers the basics required in conjuring a secure system. This certification program enables individuals to learn about hardware security, software security, cryptography, and usable security. 

  • Become An Ethical Hacker – LinkedIn Learning

This well-structured and comprehensive course is designed by professionals working in forensics, network security, and web design and development. It covers the basics of Denial of Service, system hacking, and ethical hacking. 

  • Ethical Hacking Course For Beginners And Experts (Pluralsight)

This course helps participants to learn about theoretical and practical concepts of security, how to understand and identify risks, extrapolate data, and navigate an interface, and install the software. It covers penetration testing, cloud computing, and cryptography. 

  •  Hacking And Patching Certification By University Of Colorado (Coursera)

This course by the University of Colorado covers Hack SQL databases, memory attack, app hack and patch, and defenses. The entire course is divided into four parts. Moreover, training is offered on the Nessus scanning tool and Kali penetration testing suite. 


You can pursue Ethical Hacker Certification training from a global training provider, Koenig Solutions. This training center provides comprehensive training for all IT certifications. Cybersecurity expert instructors train candidates to qualify for the CEH exam. You can opt for any of the three training modes – instructor-led online, instructor-led offline, and fly-me-a-trainer – onsite. 

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