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One of the main things I learned about Western Education is that having a degree often does not make the man or woman smarter most of the time instead often makes them dumber such as I spoke to many very intelligent business people who told me this”I don’t employ people with degrees since most so stupid and lazy” such as Tesco wise I spoke to Area manager before he kept telling me he kept having to sack his shop managers  with a degree since all were so stupid at management.

One thing I deeply admire or respect about most Indians or Pakistani most of these people are super intelligent when I discuss things with them about life or anything I can see most of them are like lightyears head intelligence wise than the usual dopey Western people I speak to over the woke spreading being going on for like 70 years now.

I would say online dating if you use Western women platforms normally bad or pointless but in non-West it’s fairly to do well it or make money as well from it   too.

To me with so many men normally coming from single parenthood with a mum they never learn how to be guys or talk to women such as when I was a kid my dad taught me how to do it .

I sometimes help men get girlfriends one thing I always notice with most of them is they have no confidence  or idea how to date or talk to women this even includes men who are in their mid to late 20’s and I can in some ways understand since for women right or wrong changes everyday of the week more less

I think in  general Simps now I would guess in the past always some men were like Simps in some ways but I think it’s mostly caused by women for why it seems fairly common now since average man now comes from Single mother who will often tell him things like”It’s all your fault for my life or problems” so then as like young boy he believes he’s a failure or owes women everything so then ends up a simp of some kind.

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