Fullyhome: How To Descale A Hot Water Dispenser?


The purpose of the Fullyhome.co.uk is to people aware of household technical issues and their solutions. One of the burning household issues of the UK is hard water. People are annoyed with the impurity of water. About 60% of the landmass has hard water over it. Their taps and pipes are dirty because of it. Their toilet is messy due to the limescale that settles in the bottom of the toilet bowl. Their dispensers are getting damaged because of limescale deposits in them. Hard water is hazardous to health because it causes several diseases. Even when it flows from the dispenser, it leaves its contaminants behind, causing limescale stuffing in it. Here is a method by which you can get rid of the Lime scaling in your dispenser. But first, we’ll see how lime scaling occurs.

How does Lime scaling Occur?

Lime scaling occurs when hard water passes from the dispenser. It leaves behind magnesium and sodium bicarbonates. When these elements combine, they form limescale by converting sodium bicarbonates to sodium carbonates. This limescale deposits within the dispenser in the form of sediments.

Why Is Descaling Important?

Descaling of dispenser becomes necessary as limescale starts depositing into the filters in for of precipitates. It looks gross. Due to limescale deposition, the dispenser begins malfunctioning. It gets damaged and is unable to remove impurities from the water.

Descaling Using Vinegar Or Citric Acid

  1. Step 1: Make a 1:1 ratio solution of vinegar or citric acid with water.
  2. Step 2: fill the dispenser with this solution as much as it can accommodate.
  3. Step 3: place a bowl or large tray below the tap of the dispenser and let the water run.
  4. Step 4: drain the water in the sink.
  5. Step 5: Repeat the process at least twice or thrice until all water from the dispenser is gone.
  6. Step 6: wash the water dispenser to remove the leftover solution.
  7. Step 7: place your dispenser below the brim.
  8. Step 8: again, fill it with as much water as it can accommodate.
  9. Step 9: place a big tray or bowl below the dispenser tap and let the water run.Repeat the procedure until all moisture is gone.

Descaling of hot water dispenser is now complete.

How Often Should You Descale Your Hot Water Dispenser?

How often descaling of hot water dispenser is necessary depends upon how often water dispenser runs. If its use is often, then descaling should be done at least once in two months. But if the hot water dispenser runs more often, then descaling should be done at least once a month. Otherwise, your dispenser may get damage.

Limescale is not directly harmful to your health, but it damages the internal functions of the dispenser. A malfunctioned dispenser may not clean water efficiently. It may add other chemicals or harmful substances to your water. Moreover, a malfunctioned dispenser may consume more electricity than usual because lime scaling makes it harder for the dispenser to purify the water.

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