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Freelance Writer Position at Screen Rant


Screen Rant is an entertainment news website that offers news and theories about films, television shows, video games, and more. It was launched in 2003 by Vic Holtreman. The site originally had its primary office in Ogden, Utah. Now, the site offers a variety of remote work options. While there are plenty of stories on plagiarism and other issues. The site is mostly respected for its quality content and community.

Screen Rant started as a place to rant about dumb stuff

Screen Rant is a website that started in 2003 as a way to rant about dumb things in the movie industry. It has since grown into an internet magazine that covers movie news, TV news, and controversial movie reviews. The site also covers stories from the middle ground, and reviews movies from the perspective of the average person.

It has grown into one of the largest entertainment news sources in the industry

Screen rant is a website that specializes in entertainment news. Founded in 2003, it has become one of the most popular entertainment news sources on the web. The site’s editors cover movie and TV industry news around the world, and in 2015. They served over 105 million unique visitors. The site is written by movie and television buffs, influencers, writers, video producers. And business managers who share a love of entertainment and a passion for creating great content.

Screen Rant’s mission is to provide its readers with timely and relevant news on the entertainment industry. It is a platform that brings together movie lovers and industry professionals. Bringing together industry experts and newcomers. it also includes a list of the best movies of the week. Interviews with actors and directors, trailers, and more.

It is notorious for plagiarism

Screen Rant is notorious for plagiarizing material from other websites. And a recent Glassdoor review has revealed that the majority of content on the website is unoriginal. Writers for Screen Rant give the site an average 2.5-star rating, and complain that they spend hours searching for stories to post and then receive no reward.

It offers remote job opportunities

Screen Rant is hiring freelance writers to write for their social media pages. This is a great opportunity to work remotely and at your own pace. To be considered for this position, you should be knowledgeable about social media, have a good understanding of how the industry works. And be able to create engaging content that complements the company’s existing coverage.

Screen Rant offers freelance writing positions for anyone over 18 years of age. The work is usually part-time or occasional, so you can work from anywhere. Working as a freelance writer means you can take a break whenever you want and still earn an income. Screen Rant’s writers work on a variety of topics, including entertainment, game, and gaming news.

Screen Rant has been in business since 2003 and is one of the top entertainment news websites in the world. They publish news about movies, TV shows, comic books, and technology. If you have a passion for technology, you could work from home and become part of an international team of tech-savvy people.

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