Four Hours of Cricket Every Day


Kabir Khan directed movie ’83’ was released in India today. The film is based on India’s historic Cricket World Cup victory in 1973 at Lord’s. Kapil Dev was one of the heroes of this breathless victory. He was then the captain of the Indian cricket team. Bollywood superstar Ranbir Singh has been seen in the role of Kapil Dev in ’83’. Meanwhile, Ranbir’s triumph is everywhere. He has won the hearts of everyone in the role of Kapil. However, it was not easy for Ranbir to become Kapil on screen. This Bollywood star has had to sacrifice a lot for this. In a recent interview, he spoke about his on-screen Kapil tour.

Regarding his preparation for the role of Kapil Dev, Ranbir said, “Kapil Dev’s bowling action is completely different. His physical constitution is also different. His body language, my body language is different. So in order to act like him on the cricket field, it was necessary to make some changes in my physique. And it took a long time to bring about this physical change. And it took me a few months to get the right bowling action like Kapil Dev.

Ranbir Singh started shooting for ’83 right after ‘Simba’. So at that time his body was a little heavy. “The coach looks at my body and says that when I bowl, it looks like a wrestler is coming to bowl,” said Ranbir. And with that, the coach kept me away from bowling for a month. He told me to focus on building an athletic body like Kapil. Gradually I built an athletic body like Kapil Dev. Then my bowling action training started.

Ranbir had to work hard to master bowling action like Kapil Dev. The Bollywood hero said, ‘I used to practice cricket for four hours every day to get action like Kapil. This rehearsal lasted for six months. Besides, I used to play cricket for hours during the shooting for two-three months. I have been injured more than once during this time. But then I was desperate to become Kapil.

Ranbir said, ‘Kapil lovers will see if I can do bowling action like him properly. And the most important thing was that my bowling action of Kapil seemed right. And my own satisfaction was urgent. But in this process I have become a good bowler.

Ranbir Singh coached Balwinder Singh Sandhu for ’73 ‘. Kapil Dev has also guided this Bollywood star in various ways. Kapil Dev said in an interview, ‘Ranbir is a great actor. I don’t think he needs my advice or help. He spent a lot of time with me. And he did the rest himself. ‘ Kabir Khan, the director of ’73 ‘, said in an interview,’ Ranbir became his (Kapil Dev’s) shadow to learn more about Kapil Dev’s body language, manners and more. Ranbir could even reach any of Kapil’s official meeting rooms. And sitting in a corner of the room, Kapil was silently watching Dev.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen had a love affair with Kashmiri model Rohman Shaw for several years. Rohman is 15 years younger than the former Miss Universe. Last Wednesday, various things were being heard about the break up of their love. Sushmita, 48, recently confirmed the news in a post on social media. He wrote in a post on his Instagram account, ‘Our relationship started with a hand of friendship. We have become friends. The relationship ended long ago. Love will remain intact. ‘

In Sushmita’s life, multiple loves have come and gone before. Let’s take a look at which men came in Sushmita’s life: After

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