Fortnite V-Bucks are being used largely for Money Laundering

The Fortnite’s In-game currency has multiple uses while playing the game. The users can buy the V-Bucks and then trade the same to purchase in-game inventory items. The Fortnite accepts real money to issue the in-game currency that can be used to purchase in-game items like loots and the skins. But according to the reports, the V-Bucks are being used to launder the money and make it legal in the process. Some of the players reported that the money laundering on a small scale is happening from the launch of the V-Bucks to the public.

The entire process of money laundering with the V-Bucks is straightforward. The hackers are using the Stolen Credit cards or hacked credit cards details and then using the same to purchase the V-Bucks from Epic Games. After that, they are either buying the in-game items or transferring the same V-Bucks to others in real life money with huge discounts. The entire process washes the money and makes it clean in the eyes of Tax authorities. As the Fortnite has millions of active players, it is straightforward to target the vulnerable users and use their accounts to funnel the V-bucks.

The marketplaces on the Deep web are selling the stolen or hacked V-Bucks at the heavily discounted rates. The Deep web being the home ground for cybercriminals, there is no one to regulate the transactions or track the hacker. Repeated hacking attacks on the Fortnite and Epic Games player is happening due to the system of V-Bucks, which is used by hackers and cybercriminals. As per the leading Internet security firms, the Epic games, the developers of the Fortnite are not taking appropriate security measures to tackle the cyber attacks or regulate the flow of V-bucks on their marketplaces.

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