Fortnite : Epic will finally make changes to the PC assisted sights

The current season of Fortnite is a few weeks away from completion, so Epic Games is already preparing the first surprises for the new stage of Battle Royale. The company will make major changes to keep the gaming community happy.The arrival of the 12.60 update brought good news, as it was confirmed that the study will finally resolve the controversy of assisted marksmanship. This element of the Battle Royale has caused clashes between console and PC players.The current controversy is aimed at users of controls that play on PC, since many players, including Ninja , believe that playing with a controller and 240hz represents a huge advantage.


It is important to highlight that the adjustments to the PC assisted sight are not yet available. Epic Games confirmed that it is already working on them to offer a balanced gaming experience for everyone.The changes will affect players who play Battle Royale with control on PC. The adjustments were delayed by the FNCS Invitational finals. Once the competition is over, Epic will start releasing the settings.

As for the novelties already available, now you can find objects such as Grappler and Jetpack in Party Royale. In addition, the Infiltration game list was added, where you must obtain and protect an intelligence case in battles. Also, Epic changed the animation of the Dragacorn glider and there will be no problems with its activation. The same will happen with the Baton Peak. An important detail is that the errors were corrected with the damage indicators, which sometimes did not correctly mark the direction of the shots. Update 12.60 includes some hints about the end of the current season and the possible start of the Doomsday event. Epic Games prepares a series of Agency related challenges.

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