Ford Debuts Segway-like Vehicle Called Carr-E

DEARBORN, MI – September 12, 2016. American multinational automaker Ford, is unveiling a new model, it’s on four wheels, but looks nothing like a car Ford, one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, just unveiled the new Carr-E – four-wheeled electric pedestrian assistant.


According to the company, multipurpose functionality separates vehicle from other personal transportation devices. Carr-E, which was unveiled at annual “Further with Ford” trend conference, can be used to carry broad variety of objects such as luggages or heavy shopping bags. Once object is placed on the device, it will follow an electronic transmitter, that users keep in their possession.

In addition to simply moving objects around, its self-balancing, four-wheel system can be used for personal transport, much like a Segway. “I really wanted to create a device, that is more than just a hoverboard,” says Ford systems engineer, Kilian Vas.

“I was inspired by Ford’s expansion into both an auto and a mobility company, as well as our founder Henry Ford’s dedication to transforming transportation,” added engineer.

“Ultimately, Vas sees Carr-E as one of many solutions for the advanced transportation ecosystem evolving in city centers globally,” the company said in the statement.
Ford Carr-E has a range of 22 kilometres, can carry 118 kg,max speed of 18 km/h, and takes 35 minutes to charge.


Caption: Ford Carr-E (Photo©, Ford)

Caption:"Further with Ford 2016" trend conference

Caption:”Further with Ford 2016″ trend conference

Source: Ford