Five challenges before the new Chief Justice


Newly-appointed Chief Justice Hasan Fayez Siddiqui has said that he will take firm steps to eliminate irregularities and corruption in the judiciary. He said this in a response given to Samakal. The Chief Justice said that those who are in the court, as well as the people of the country need cooperation. I want everyone’s cooperation. Then at least the judiciary can be taken forward.

President Mohammad Abdul Hamid administered the oath of office to Justice Hasan Fayez Siddiqui as the 23rd Chief Justice of Pakistan at Bangabhaban on Friday. He will retire on September 25, 2023. According to lawyers, the new chief justice will serve 21 months. For this, he has to decide the action plan and take the judiciary forward.

According to the country’s senior lawyers and eminent persons, there are five major challenges facing the new Chief Justice in maintaining justice in the judiciary and ensuring justice by reducing the suffering of the candidates. These include reducing the number of cases pending in the country’s courts by 4 million, reducing the number of judges in the Appellate Division, preventing irregularities in the judiciary, expediting war crimes trials and improving the management of virtual courts in the Corona transition situation. The Chief Justice has to face these challenges while maintaining his constitutional responsibility and rising above the party. Only then will the people’s confidence in the judiciary remain intact. Apart from this, the issue of Justice Mohammad Iman Ali, who is on leave after issuing the appointment of Chief Justice, also needs to be dealt with constitutionally. So that no one gets a chance to destabilize the judiciary.

Prominent lawyer in the context of the challenge. Kamal Hossain told Samakal that the new Chief Justice should play a strong role against corruption and irregularities in the judiciary. He has a good reputation as a lawyer and judge. Now he is holding the highest position. Hopefully, his strong role will keep the judiciary free from corruption. How can the court be free from corruption? Kamal Hossain said the chief justice could hold private talks with the former president and general secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association and senior lawyers, seek their views or even hold a formal meeting. From there, good feedback will surely come. By implementing them, the process of decontaminating the judiciary can begin. Besides, the Chief Justice will have to take steps to reduce the number of cases by appointing judges excluding qualified and obedient people from political parties. If efficient and qualified judges are active, the judiciary will change.

Prominent lawyer said. Shahdin Malik said it would be unreasonable to claim that people’s confidence in the judiciary was increasing due to lawsuits, corruption, mismanagement and other issues. It is difficult to claim that the Chief Justices have been able to take successful steps to increase confidence lately. Even then, the hope is that the new chief justice will be able to take successful steps to increase public confidence in the judiciary.

Supreme Court lawyer Z I Khan Panna said the chief justice would act to uphold the rule of law and the constitution. In this case, I hope that steel will play a strong role in gaining public confidence in the judiciary and freeing it from corruption in the judiciary. These are the challenges for the new judge.

Meanwhile, Shahriar Kabir, a Liberation War researcher and chairman of the Ekattar Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee, has called on the new chief justice to expedite the trial of war crimes cases. He said the new chief justice would immediately revive the Second International Crimes Tribunal to meet the expectations of 3 million martyred families and the entire nation aspiring for justice. Along with this, the Appellate Division will also take initiative for speedy disposal of pending war crimes cases. If the number of judges in this case is less, then he will be especially diligent in appointing a new judge in the Appellate Division.

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