Finding The Best Conveyancing Solicitor: 5 Tips To Follow


In the UK, buying or selling property can be quite expensive. You should get a qualified and experienced conveyancer to take you through the conveyancing process fast and less expensive.

Finding a good conveyancing solicitor is not that easy, especially if you’re buying or selling property in the UK for the first time. Top conveyancing solicitors in London, UK should offer you reliable, efficient, and personalized service at a reasonable cost.

It is important that you take your time when choosing a conveyancer to speed up the process and avoid any mistakes that might cost you in the future. In this simple guide, you learn how you can choose the best conveyancing solicitor.

Here are the steps you should take when choosing a conveyancer in the UK.

1- Know what you want from your conveyancer 

When choosing a conveyancer, sometimes it is vital to remain subjective. That means you should know what qualities you need in your conveyancer. Some factors to look into in the conveyancer you hire should include:

– What are their qualifications?

– Who will be responsible for your transaction?

– Will the conveyancer handle your case personally or rely on assistance from other parties?

– Will it be easy to communicate with them regularly?

– Can you call in and see them when you have something pressing to discuss or anything unusual crops up.

2 – Shop around 

The conveyancing process is expensive, and so is your local conveyancing solicitor. Therefore, when you decide to opt for a conveyancer when buying property in the UK, you should shop around for the best offer.

 You can reach out to plenty of conveyancers if you are looking for the best services. 

Start by getting free quotes before you can make the final decision on who to hire. Make sure the quotes you get are reasonable and compare across. If you opt for online conveyancing, you want to ensure they offer you a free estimated quotation of their services. This will help you decide whether you can afford their services or not.

3 – Go for value, not price 

Cheap is expensive, and in conveyancing, this means a lot. If you have all your eyes fixed on the price, you may miss a lot that will cost you. When your conveyancer promises you the lowest price in the market, you should think twice.

In most cases, those willing to offer you the lowest price are most likely to compromise on service delivery.

Buying property is a big financial outlay in your life, and as such, you must ensure you make the right moves. You want to ensure you get the most competitive price for conveyancing without compromising quality services. Get a few quotes from different conveyancers and compare before making the decision.

4 – Take note of hidden costs 

Hidden costs are another factor to consider before you can hire your next conveyancer. Most conveyancers will offer you a good quotation without disclosing hidden costs. Therefore, when reaching out to your conveyancer, you should ask them if there are any hidden costs in the process. This will help you avoid any last-minute surprises when buying property.

You should beware of all the hidden costs, VAT, and disbursements when buying property. According to lending professionals at HML IO, if you’re buying property on a mortgage, you should ask your lender if there are any additional charges on the way.

5 – Are they accredited?

You should only reach out to an accredited and licensed conveyancing solicitor when buying property. Normally licensed conveyancers are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

On the other hand, solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Therefore, before you instruct your solicitor or conveyancer, you should check if they have the right accreditation and qualification.

You also want to find out if the conveyancer is a member of any professional body like The Law Society before you can instruct them.

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot to consider when hiring a competent conveyancing solicitor. Apart from checking if they are qualified for the job, you want to determine if they have a positive review from past clients and if they are conversant with your case. Find out if the mortgage lender has approved your conveyancer.

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