Fifth cake festival in Asikaga


Pie is an integral part of Bengali life and culture. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love to eat cake. Many expatriates are deprived of the pleasure of eating cake. For that, the 5th Asikaga Pie Festival was organized with the expatriates living in Japan. On 12 December, a cake festival was organized by the Bangladesh Community Kita Kanto in Asikaga City, Tochigi Kane at the initiative of Suiyama Lubna.

As always, the main objective of the event was to alleviate the dissatisfaction of the expatriates with the cake as well as to present the Bengali culture and tradition to the next generation. Compared to other years, this year’s cake festival is organized on a smaller scale due to corona. About 130 people, including 35 family members from different cities in Japan, took part in the cake festival. The Pitha Festival became a gathering place for Bengalis in the Kanto region of Japan. The women wore sari of the same color and the men’s favorite Bengali dress was pajamas-Punjabi. The color of men’s Punjabi is determined to be green with the Great Victory Day in mind.
The first part of the program was a children’s drawing competition on the occasion of the Great Victory Day. 27 contestants took part in it. Everyone is encouraged with prizes.

For adults, there was beef biryani, kebabs, eggs and salad for lunch. There was Japanese curry for the little ones. Shila Alam, Sweety Zakir, Sabrina Azim, Mehjabin Ira, Deepa Alam and Lubna were in charge of cooking. Eating is arranged in the open field outside the hall in compliance with the coroner’s restrictions.

At the beginning of the cultural program, there was a recitation of Surah by Rafi and Mimnoon. Then there was the women’s collective song ‘Suryodaye Tumi Suryasteo Tumi’. Then there was the men’s ‘arrow of this wave sea’. Nipun Tabia, Sabrina and Rain Karim, talented artists from Bangladesh community of Japan, performed solo songs in the cultural program. Poems were recited by well-known reciters Ayesha Mitu and Mehjabin Ira. Dance artist Amira Tahrim, Naba and Puja. As always, the audience enjoys the three dances. At the end of all, little Suyama Tirana dances to Japanese songs.

16 contestants took part in the competition with their own handmade cakes. There were five categories in the cake competition. There were separate numbers for each department. The judges were Kazi Insanul Haque and Didar Kochi, two well-known writers and journalists from the Bangladesh community. A seat of the judge was left vacant in honor of Aslam Khandaker. At the end of the competition, when the judges were announcing the names of the winners, the pin drop silence fell.

Khodeja Akhter became the champion of the judges in the competition. He made Dudhkshir Puli Pitha. Mariam Sathi became the first runner-up by making coconut cake and Nigar Sultana became the second runner-up by making Mera cake. Urmi Kamal won the fourth place by making Jhal Phuli Pitha. Ayesha Mitu and Farzana Dolan came fifth and sixth respectively. They make rose cake and mug pakan cake. Nipun Tabia, the captain of Nipun Tabia Page, handed over the prizes to the six winners.

The prizes were a number of high quality cosmetics from Nipun Tabia Page. Champion Khodeja Akhter was also crowned by Suiyama Lubna. In addition, all the contestants were awarded by the Bangladesh community.
There was a women’s pillow game at the cake festival. Japan’s ‘Monica Online Shop’ is sponsoring a thrilling pillow game. Urmi Kamal, Moon Haider and Mehjabin Ira won the first three prizes of the Pillow Game.

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