Fear of the virus lost in the celebration of the New Year


There are no masks on the face, crowds on the faces, night bazal 12, fireworks lit up the sky over the heads of the youth gathered in front of the Raju sculpture of Dhaka University; Welcome to 2020!
Residents of different parts of the capital, not only on the university campus, but also in the early hours of Saturday, lit fireworks and flew lanterns on the roofs of the buildings to join in the joy of the English New Year.

The excitement of saying goodbye to 2021 was all day on Friday. After the evening, it became the color of celebration. That was the beginning of the crackdown on law enforcement.

After 8 pm, the shopkeepers started rushing to the shops. The traffic on Gulshan-Hatirjheel road was brought under control.
Although many people gathered in the TSC area of ​​Dhaka University in the afternoon, the ‘people’ outside the evening were removed. The crackdown begins with the installation of a checkpost at the entrance to the campus.

Students from different halls of the university gathered in front of the Raju sculpture before 12 o’clock at night. As soon as the clock struck 12, they flew lanterns and said goodbye to the old year.

The play of colors started in the sky with the light of fireworks thrown from the gate of TSC adjacent to Suhrawardy Udyan. The same picture can be seen across the capital.

Police tightened security around the New Year. It was forbidden to gather in the open beforehand. So people came up to the roof.

Within an hour, news came that fire had broken out in different places from the celebration lanterns. Firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the blaze.
Ershad Hossain, duty officer of the fire service control room, said the fire broke out at around 1pm on a house near Matuail Mosque Road and on the roof of a four-storey building in Dholaikhal Nasir Uddin Sardar Lane. Five more small fires were extinguished and their crews returned.

Meanwhile, traffic jams have been observed in Dhaka’s Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara and Dhaka University areas due to restrictions imposed on the New Year. In Mohakhali, Tejgaon area, vehicles are running intermittently at midnight. In case of entering Gulshan through Amtali, the police are conducting searches in stages. As a result, there is traffic jam on Gulshan-1 road from Amtali.

DMP Commissioner Moha at Gulshan-2 roundabout at midnight on Friday. Shafiqul Islam spoke to reporters. He said city dwellers had been told earlier to return home by 8 pm. Because, no one is supposed to work so many nights on holidays.

Regarding the IS threat, Shafiqul Islam said a message was received last night (Thursday night). IS considers the celebration of the New Year to be a pagan event. They have threatened to bomb Muslims in any country if such an event takes place. It is a global threat. They told the followers to attack wherever they were, as much as they could.

Shafiqul Islam said, “I don’t think it is a threat to Bangladesh. It (this threat) doesn’t matter. Because, IS does not exist here. Even then, if a couple of overzealous people attack, security has been beefed up.

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