Farmers do not trust the government’s words


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted the demands of farmers. He has repealed controversial agricultural laws that threaten their livelihoods. Due to this change in Modi’s decision, the political situation in Uttar Pradesh has not come under the control of BJP. The reaction of the farmers to Modi’s decision is not very positive. The benefits of religious divisions in Uttar Pradesh, which the BJP had earlier taken home, seem to be difficult to reap this time.

Meanwhile, after announcing the decision to repeal the agriculture law, the Kisan Morcha, which is attached to determine the future of the peasant movement, is sitting in a meeting on Sunday. The meeting will begin at 11 a.m. at the Singhu border in Delhi. Earlier in the day, leaders of various farmers ‘organizations sat at the Singhu, Tikri and Gazipur borders on Saturday to discuss their respective organizations’ proposals. After considering these proposals in the meeting on Sunday, the future course of action of the Morcha will be determined and announced.

On Saturday, the leaders of various farmers’ organizations held a private discussion, in which a number of issues prevailed. How much importance will be given to the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return the farmers to their homes. Whether the government will be pressured to provide financial assistance to those killed in the peasant movement before responding to that call. Whether to adhere to the demand for legislation to fix the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops. Or whether these demands will be a condition for lifting the border blockade.

Uttar Pradesh farmer leader Rakesh Tikayet said the Prime Minister had spoken out against the repeal of the law. If it does not work, there is no question of leaving the border. The meeting will also decide whether this demand will become a demand of the Morcha.

Morcha leader Hannan Mollah told Prothom Alo this evening that it was true that the farmers did not trust the word of mouth of the government. The lack of confidence has increased dramatically. That is why such doubts are rising. The movement has been going on collectively for so long. Whatever the personal or organizational intent, the next decision will be taken collectively. That meeting will be held on Sunday. Earlier in the day, various organizations had discussed their proposals at various border bases.

Guru Sebak Singh, a farmer from the village of Mohrania in the populous Uttar Pradesh, 500 km from the capital New Delhi, said he and others like him had lost confidence in Modi and his party, according to Reuters.

According to Sebak Singh, today Prime Minister Modi has realized his wrong promise. But it took him more than a year to realize this mistake. He now knows that the peasants will no longer vote for his party.

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