Fanny Hensel

Fanny Hensel, musician, and composer of the 18th century


If you’re a lover of classical music, then you’ve probably heard of Fanny Hensel. She was a brilliant German musician and composer who achieved great things in her short life. In this blog post. We’ll take a look at Hensel’s life and work and explore why she is considered one of the greatest composers. So if you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating woman, read on.

Who was Fanny Mendelssohn?

Fanny Hensel was a German musician and composer who lived in the early 18th century. She was born into a very musical family- her father, Abraham,. Was a successful banker, and her brother, Felix, and became one of the most famous composers of his generation. Despite this, Fanny was not initially encouraged to pursue music as a career. And it was only later in life that she began to compose seriously.

Fanny Mendelssohn was a highly talented musician. Her compositions were praised by some of the biggest names in music, including Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, and Franz Liszt. However, she could never achieve the same level of success as her brother. And many of her works were published under his name. 

What are some of Fanny Mendelssohn’s most famous works?

Fanny Mendelssohn’s most famous works include her Piano Trio in D minor,. Her String Quartet in E-flat major, and her overture to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Besides this, she also wrote several songs and piano pieces, many of which were published under her brother’s name.

What was Fanny Mendelssohn’s life like?

She was born in 1805 in Hamburg, Germany. She belongs to a musical and wealthy family. However, her father’s name was Abraham, and he was a successful banker. Other than this, her brother Felix became a well-known and famous composer.

Despite coming from a musical family, Fanny was not initially encouraged to pursue music as a career. However, she was a highly talented musician, and she began to compose seriously later in life. Fanny Mendelssohn was married to the painter Wilhelm Hensel, and the couple had six children together.

What legacy did Fanny Mendelssohn leave?

However, Fenny Hensel was a great figure in the music industry. And she was also considered the great composer of the 18th century. At that time, her music work was appreciated by some big names like Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn, and Franz Liszt.

Despite not achieving the same level of success as her brother, Fanny Mendelssohn was a hugely influential figure in music. Next is that she was considered an excellent composer of that time.

Bond of Fanny and Felix

Even though Fanny had a lot of success in her own right. She was always in the shadow of her brother Felix. The two were very close, and they shared a bond through their love of music. Felix Mendelssohn even dedicated one of his most famous works, the “Scottish” Symphony, to his sister.

Why was Fanny loved by so many people?

As we already mentioned, she was an experienced and talented composer and musician. She achieved too many great things in her entire life. However, she was one of the great composers, and too many people love her music today. 

Cause of Fanny Hensel’s death

Fanny Hensel died of a stroke in May 1847 at 42. Even though she had a short life, Fanny Hensel achieved a great deal in her lifetime. She was a talented musician and composer who left a lasting legacy. Her music is still loved by many people today.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about Fanny Mendelssohn, one of the greatest composers. We hope you found this blog post interesting and informative. And we encourage you to learn more about this fascinating woman.

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