Facebook is banning advertisements targeting race and religion

Facebook is banning advertisements targeting race and religion


There is going to be a big change in the way of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. From now on, advertisers will no longer be able to advertise to target content such as Facebook users’ gender identity, religion or political beliefs. Previously, advertisers had the opportunity to customize ads based on the Facebook user’s gender identity, religion or political beliefs, various posts, reading style or choice history. Facebook is now shutting down that facility. This was reported in a report by The Guardian in the United Kingdom.

According to Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, they will remove the detailed targeting options from next January. This allows advertisers to find users based on various posts related to the health of Facebook users, conversations about race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, sexuality, interactions with organizations or individuals.

Graham Mudd, vice president of product marketing for Meta Platforms, said in a blog post, “We want to better match people’s growing expectations about how advertisers on our platform can reach users.” In addition, I have received feedback from civil rights experts, policy makers and other important stakeholders. We want to prevent misuse of targeting options. ”

According to a study by Tech Transparency Project, advertisements for weapons accessories and body armor were served alongside provocative discussions on Facebook platforms after the January 8 attack on the US Capitol.

According to the Guardian, 98 percent of Meter’s total revenue comes from advertisers. Advertisers may display ads targeting specific populations and consumers on this platform as the organization maintains profiles based on users’ online activity. Meta also displays ads through their messenger app. The audience also sells ads on third-party apps through the network.

Meta earned ৮৬ 6 billion last year. About 200 crore people use Facebook app every day.

Meta authorities acknowledge that if they do not allow advertisers to set specific goals, it could affect political groups and event organizers. Most of these programs display advertisements for fundraising through Facebook.

“Some of our advertising partners have expressed concern about the omission of this targeting option,” said Graham Mudd. Because they thought it would help create positive social change. However, many understand the decision to remove the targeting option.

With the exception of a few targeting issues, advertisers continue to have the opportunity to advertise by age, gender, occupation and location options.

Currently, the activities of Facebook are being criticized in many countries of the world. Frances Haugen, a former employee of Facebook, is being investigated for leaking some internal documents.

In a report last Tuesday, Meta said that the trend of hate speech on Facebook has decreased for the fourth consecutive quarter. In the third quarter of this year, the rate of viewing hate speech per 10,000 content views stood at 0.3 percent which was 0.5 percent in the second quarter.

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