Exploring Speed Restriction Tech, Volvo Is Limiting Its Cars to 112MPH

Exploring Speed Restriction Tech, Volvo Is Limiting Its Cars to 112MPH


One of the reasons why Volvo has maintained at the top position of automotive industry is the unparalleled level of safety being offered. Now, Volvo has decided to take a further step in terms of speed. The company has announced that it would be restricting the maximum speed in all its cars to 112MPH, starting from the model year of 2020. It means any Volvo car you buy after 2020 would have a top speed of 112MPH only.

Volvo plans to do a few things about this change. The first concern is the safety of the user itself. The maker believes that the safety infrastructure used by cities are not effective when it comes to minimizing accidents and other issues. This is why Volvo wants to set restrictions on the maximum speeds a vehicle can achieve. In addition to this, the company plans to bring technology to the scene.

It is very likely that Volvo has been building some technology to control speed on the vehicles and this newer tech would be put to use in vehicles built from 2020. According to some reports, Volvo wants to blend two major technologies here — smart speed control and geo-fencing. The idea is to make sure that speed would be controlled when the vehicle is near a place like hospital or a school.

We want to start a conversation about whether car makers have the right or maybe even an obligation to install technology in cars that changes their driver´s behaviour, to tackle things like speeding, intoxication or distraction. We don’t have a firm answer to this question, but believe we should take leadership in the discussion and be a pioneer,” reads the official press release from the company.

Volvo, however, is also concerned about whether the company has the right to set speed restrictions on its vehicles. This would soon become a matter of discussion.a

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