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Explore the Top Reasons to Opt for Pelvic Health Physiotherapy


When you experience a sore back, shoulder, or knee, you would likely consult a physiotherapist to resolve the issue. However, very few people think of seeking help from a qualified physiotherapist when they start leaking while exercising or develop vaginal prolapse symptoms. However, pelvic health physiotherapy has been acknowledged as the first line of treatment to resolve a host of pelvic issues. 

According to Medical News Today, the pelvic floor seems like a complex set of muscles supporting pelvic organs like the bowel and bladder. These muscles help continence, urinary control, and even sexual function. Anybody may experience weakness in the pelvic floor. Exercises and pelvic health physiotherapy could help fortify the pelvic floor, thus, enhancing bladder and bowel control. Let us explore the top reasons to seek pelvic health physiotherapy.

When You Experience Incontinence

It is critical to understand ways to take good care of the bladder. You should seek the perfect advice as per your life stage and age. Your everyday practices and habits may help you avoid loss of proper bladder control or bladder leakage, also, referred to as urinary incontinence. It affects between 24 percent and 45 percent of women at some point in their lifetime, with two-thirds of such women experiencing leaking because of exercising, sneezing, or coughing. 

Such a condition is known as stress urinary incontinence. Urge incontinence is another type of incontinence. When you experience a strong urge to go to the bathroom but have limited urine production, or even when you are frequently using the bathroom, it is a case of urge incontinence. Incontinence may adversely impact your quality of life. Incontinence is a common reason why women should opt for physiotherapy. Seek the assistance and advice of a qualified pelvic health physiotherapist to resolve these issues. 

When You Are Tackling with Chronic Constipation Issues

Chronic constipation may last for over a few weeks. It may be triggered by dysfunctional or tight pelvic floor muscles. You should realize that if your pelvic floor muscles cannot relax properly, you will experience difficulty while passing stool. Seek pelvic physiotherapy for better management of your pelvic dysfunctions. 

When You Experience Painful Intercourse

Many women feel pain while having sex or even after intercourse. The pain could be deep inside the pelvis or in the vagina. Reasons for painful intercourse may vary. Several conditions may lead to painful sex. These include menopause, fibroids, endometriosis, allergies and infections like thrush, pelvic floor muscle disorders, and constipation. Moreover, women may have several psychological issues with physical factors that cause painful sex. 

It is a good idea to seek consultation and assistance from a physiotherapist and also, a psychosexual therapist for addressing the emotional, relationship, and psychological factors. We know that pelvic floor dysfunction seems a major reason for experiencing painful intercourse. You should consult a pelvic health physiotherapist as a perfect treatment for dyspareunia.


A pelvic health physiotherapist resolves pelvic dysfunction, pain, and other issues. According to experts, pelvic issues may be managed well by seeking physiotherapy. Education is vital, and physiotherapists should consider educating their patients on the function and importance of pelvic floor muscles. Everyone should realize how exercises could help fortify the pelvic muscles and minimize the risk of undesirable symptoms. If you are living with painful intercourse, urinary dysfunction, or pain in the pelvic region, you should essentially consider physical therapy as it could be the key to alleviation and relief.

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