Expert Instructions Coupled with Self-learning Equals Success at Kumon


Those who are aware of Kumon, know that “Self-learning” lies at the very core of their learning programmes. Be it the Kumon Math after school programme or the English enrichment programme, the focus is on turning students into self-learning prodigies. The sole purpose of Kumon methodology is to enable students to take charge of their own learning & progress.

How does self-learning help students?

  1. Ensures effective learning: When a student depends on his/ her own ability to learn a topic or understand a concept, they actively engage with the information. They think about every aspect of the topic more deeply and connect with what they are learning. This approach ensures that they remember better.
  2. Helps build skills: Self-study also helps a student enhance his/ her learning skills, taking on new problems on their own, solving them and moving ahead in their academic career without seeking help from parents or instructors.
  3. Discover new topics: When students are on their own, they refer to different sources: books, the internet, etc. to better understand the topic at hand. While doing so, they discover new things related to the topic, explore them and can understand more than an average classroom.
  4. Ensures learning happens at a comfortable pace: One of the key benefits of self-study is that students get to learn at their own pace. They can decide the time and effort they want to dedicate to understanding each aspect of the topic before moving further.
  5. Self-learning boosts a student’s self-esteem: When a student solves a problem on his/her own, the confidence boost or the sense of achievement is much greater. They can see themselves as an independent person and learn new things, providing a major motivation boost for students.

 How does Kumon enforce self-learning in students?

Kumon follows the “Just right” approach i.e. students start with the learning programmes from the “just right” level – from a level that is according to their learning abilities. Plus, the instructors at Kumon learning centre offer a “just right level of guidance – allowing students to solve problems on their own using the instructions available in the worksheet.

That’s all. If you too want your child to become an independent learner, visit your nearest Kumon learning centre or visit the website. Worried about your child’s safety amidst COVID chaos? Kumon offers a hybrid learning programme that allows students to study both from the comfort of their as well as the learning centre. You can check with the nearest centre about the same.

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