Experiential Education – What Is It?


A considerable lot of us will have experienced the Chinese saying:

You hear, you neglect;

You recall;

You do, you get it.

How genuine is this for individuals overall? Does it just apply to a specific kind of individual or is it more general in its relevance? Definitely certain individuals advance better from hearing things or from seeing things than being dynamic – we are different all things considered.

As a matter of fact in the event that you take a gander at crafted by David Kolb, in the mid 1980s, obviously while people have different learning styles, there is likewise a pattern of experiential discovering that concerns every one of us. We are presently seeing these thoughts being tried as we embraced issue based learning and perceive the requirement for long lasting learning.


How We Learn

Utilizing thoughts from John Dewey, the ‘father’ of experiential schooling (1938) his book, Experiential Learning: Experience as the Wellspring of Learning and Improvement’ takes a gander at the inquiry ‘What is realizing?’ which he addresses on a mental, philosophical, and humanistic level. Basically, Kolb shows how learning is a powerful interaction, that never stops during one’s life.

He set out a four phase learning cycle in which prompt or substantial encounters (feeling) give a premise to perceptions and reflections (watching). These are then absorbed and refined into unique ideas (thinking) which can effectively tried (do) thus making new encounters. From this cycle, he then, at that point, distinguished four different learning styles, every one of which consolidates two of the phases of the cycle. Every one of us normally favor a specific single different learning style which is a result of two things: how we approach an undertaking (the handling continuum) and what our close to home reaction to it is (the insight continuum).

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